Monday, June 29, 2009

Men's hobbies and tactical markers

Men will always be men. That's what I learned being married for almost 4 years. And very much like the usual "man", my husband can really be into men's hobbies and sports. He is definitely into what people would call "toys for the big boys". This, more often than not, pertain to cars, car accessories, paintball or airsoft guns or tactical markers, expensive sports items such as golf sets, etc. etc. The list is endless and not to mention pretty expensive.

Anyway, apart from his decade-long interest in baseball and basketball, my husband is also into all of these things: cars, guns and gadgets. He loves baseball and could spend hours watching a baseball game. He even played it way back when. He also likes to play basketball when he gets the chance. As for cars, it is quite obvious that he likes cars and likes driving. Now, he has been telling me that he should buy a gun or maybe a new set of tactical markers so he can join his friends in a firing game or in paintball. Are you serious, Hunny?

Speaking of tactical markers, I found a site wherein you can find the best brands of paintball guns and accessories at conveniently reasonable prices. It's a site for paintball hobbyists and sports fanatics who really take the game seriously.

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