Monday, June 29, 2009

Making your weekly menu work

For the past couple of weeks, we have been trying to really follow our weekly menu plan for the family and although so far, so good, we've also come across some bumps along the way.

After analyzing it, here are the points that need improvement:

1. If part of your aim is to save some bucks by doing this exercise, you need to make a meal plan that avoids buying expensive ingredients such as meat, out-of-season vegetables and the like. Rather, it's better to make use of the "kitchenomics" method wherein you can benefit from cheap but nutritious ingredients such as vegetables and other helpful extenders and not necessarily having an all-meat dish or something like that.

2. You have to make clear with the cook (or the helper) on how you want the meal done especially if the dish is new to her. Having experienced some communication problems with our helper, I always have to make it a point to show her or tell her clearly how things are done. Sometimes kasi, what you think as common sense may not be so common after all.

3. If you are doing the grocery only once a week, make sure that you prioritize cooking the more perishable goods ahead of the other foods. For example, I've seen the helper throw out some vegetables in the trash because it already wilted even before it's scheduled to be cooked. In addition, maybe you can also emphasize the need to be flexible, i.e. she should take the initiative too to cook a vegetable or meat or fish already to avoid it from becoming "non-edible" in time.

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