Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Again!

Just today, I saw that something in my Dad's bathroom has been leaking again. The water from the bottom of the toilet tank has been dripping again unto the floor and it has been causing not only a true wastage of precious water but it is also causing the tiles to be subject to grout, discoloration and mold (which I really hate, by the way). I still remember having that problem fixed a few months back but now it's again, well, problematic. So I guess the person we got to fix it wasn't really good. He was actually just a person our maid got from around the neighborhood and I don't really know if he is really a plumber by profession. Probably he is only a "construction worker" or an all-around and not really a "specialist" when it comes to plumbing matters.

Anyway, if you don't want this to happen to you as well, better get the excellent and reliable services of a good professional plumber and not just anybody that you find around the corner. You can ask your relatives for referrals on persons who can offer you quality service that is always guaranteed. And if you are in the San Antonio and Charlotte areas, I recommend that you check out the service of a San Antonio Plumber or a Charlotte Plumber. If I were you, I'll do that now. I already learned my lesson and I will be depending on professional plumbing services from now on.

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