Thursday, July 2, 2009

Already Know the Car You Want?

I saw this question at my homepage as I was browsing through the internet this morning. It struck me that my glaring personal answer to this question is sadly a "no". No, I don't know what car I want. No, I don't know what make or color of car I want. But I do know is that I want a new car, har, har, har.

Anyway, if I had the budget now at least for Used Cars, I would probably avail of a Car Lease for some known European car brand like Used Audi Cars. I really find Audi cars really elegant and classy. But why used cars? Well, New Cars are not exactly in the cards for me right now, you see. Our hands are pretty tied now with other domestic expenses that getting a brand-new car is out of the question, well, at least for now. However, I am happily looking at some more models now at and I'm having so much fun choosing the car that I really want.

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