Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Edward Christian!

My cousin Net-net gave birth recently in Illinois to a bouncing baby boy - Edward Christian A. Gagni. Oh, what a cute li'l darling he is!

Congratulations Net and Edward and to the whole Avila & Gagni clan. Kisses to the baby!!!

4 shared their thoughts:

Chris said...

so cute! akala ko baby mo na! :D

by the way, drop by ka dito thanks!

PM said...

avila? my mom's an avila too. : )

Vina said...

yes pat. my cousins in illinois are surnamed avila. the husband of my tita is an avila from bicol. by any chance kaya na your mom is from bicol too?

Vina said...

hi chris! sige i'll try to join your new weekly meme. thanks ha!

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