Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Preggy Thoughts and Preggy Lists

I'm turning 31 weeks tomorrow. Only 9 weeks to go and it will be "it" for me...which means I've got to double-time on my efforts to fulfill my pre-giving birth to-do list which I've been sadly failing on.

1) All of our old white baby clothes are still in the "depths" of our closet. Gotta excavate all of it and have it washed and ironed soon.
2) I only have 3 new baby boy outfits and I don't think any of it will fit the baby upon birth. Gotta schedule a time to shop for baby boy clothes.
3) The baby cribs and beddings have not been washed yet. Tell the yaya to do that this week or next.
4) The room has yet not been disinfected and wiped clean.
5) I don't have a birthing plan yet.
6) I haven't prepared my hospital bag yet. Gotta buy: a new robe, lactacyd for baby, ethyl alcohol, some baby wraps, newborn diapers and many more!
7) I haven't been "reviewing" the birthing process so I'll be more relaxed and better prepared just in case I get a VBAC.
8) I/We still haven't made a hospital tour (maybe we can do that tomorrow).
9) I still haven't carefully studied our budget regarding expense with my giving birth and all (my hospital coverage might not be enough).
10) I still have a ton of pending work (and an upcoming new assignment) in the office that I might end up working up to the day I give birth!!! Hay.

At any rate, all of the above does not mean that I am not excited to see our new baby. He has been so active these days that I just get teary-eyed with the feeling of "LIFE" inside my womb (I sometimes wish I could see him na talaga). It's the greatest feeling in the world that no MAN could ever experience and I feel so blessed.

Anyway, mental note to myself: DON'T PANIC!!! There's still time.

On the positive side of things, I still believe that this baby will be born at the right time and the right place because God wills it so! Even if he will be born in an imperfect world, he will remain to be a being with unquantifiable value because he will be born in God's image and likeness with a dignity that is only unique to man. That alone gives him a value that no amount of money could ever buy. He is such a blessing to us that we will be forever indebted and grateful to God for.

Now, I feel so much better.

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