Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bathing Suits Appropriate for Me

With me currently carrying an 8-month baby bump now, I sometimes (no, not sometimes but all the time!) feel so heavy, tired, and not to mention, big. But I don't really feel bad about it because I know and believe that in due time, I'll lose those extra pounds gained from this pregnancy. I know that could still go back to my pre-pregnancy clothes and even to my old bathing suits again. I only have to eat right and exercise regularly to do that.

Part of my exercise plan is to swim as much as I could after giving birth. I think that wouldn't be so hard, right? And in preparation for such, I have started looking for new swimwear which can fit me. Browsing through the web, I am actually so glad that there are still decent and beautiful swimsuits designed for my size. Wearing these in the pool or in the beach after I give birth would be just fine with me especially during the transition time when I move from preggy size to normal size. The designs are also in line with my taste because they are not so revealing (a factor that is hard to find in the stores these days!) plus, they are quite affordable too!

With this kind of appropriate swimwear, there's now no reason for me to avoid going to the pool or the beach to exercise as well as to have some fun in the sun with my family and friends. I can confidently swim in the pool wearing these and not have to worry about covering up my bulges. LOL.

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