Monday, July 27, 2009

Make-over Plans for the Sofa

One of the things that I so look forward to when I finally go on maternity leave (apart from caring for my new baby and being with Zoe) is the fact that I can have time to do domestic stuff. With 78 days of vacation, I believe I can do so much!!!

The last time I went on maternity leave, I was able to arrange thousands of our family pictures into neat leather photo albums. I was also able to file all important documents (birth certificates, copies of land titles, medical records) in their respective folders. I was also able to organize the bathrooms to give it a fresher look.

This time, I have been eyeing on doing a sofa set make-over. I plan to replace the covers of our sofa (and maybe add matching curtains) which now look like this...

...with something like this...

...or this!

Do you like it? I just thought that having solid colors in the sofa will give it a classier look. Besides, the truth is, those covers really need to be thrown out and replaced soon whether I like it or not. The holes which Zoe has made on it is simply icky!!! Hahaha!

2 shared their thoughts:

Pat said...

i suggest to go with dark solid colors. we have an off white couch and tina's dirty handprints are all over it.

Vina P said...

yes, the chocolate colored one is actually my first choice! thanks pat!

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