Monday, November 30, 2009

Are you bothered by these recalls?

The makers of Maclaren strollers had been asked to issue a recall last month of about 1 million of strollers sold. I think this was due to reported several finger amputations caused by the design when you open or close the contraption.

Being a Maclaren stroller owner, I personally felt bothered that even a brand that is known for design ingenuity and technology are producing children's products that are potentially harmful. Good riddance that my daughter actually used her Maclaren stroller (which we bought and carried from Singapore to Manila) only for a limited time. I think she realized then that she wanted to walk (or run!) more than sit there and be pushed around ~ which I think was a good thing (no injuries plus stronger legs!).

Anyway, prior to knowing about the recall, we had long before planned on handing over this stroller to our baby boy. But at his age of 2 months, the Maclaren Triumph's back support couldn't be fully pushed down and it just wouldn't work for our baby who cannot sit up just yet. And since I just could not wait to take the baby outside, we decided to buy him his own stroller taking advantage of a discount from a Chicco sale.

Of course, I still don't want to dispose of our Maclaren altogether. I think it hasn't gained its ROI just yet. So now I'm still considering ordering the "kit" that will prevent the injury that is potential in the use of a Maclaren. But with the kit and all, I still feel bothered and doubtful if it's safe to use at all. What do you guys think?

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