Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feeling Toxic? Detoxify!

We all know that popular saying that goes, “Health is Wealth”. And the good news is, I think that many people now are beginning to think of health and wellness as part of their lifestyle, whereas before, nobody really cared much about it.

However, when you live a very busy life, you then to forget to check on your health and nutrition. Many people who have full-time jobs and a family to take care of then to live a life that is full of toxicity, like there’s never enough time to eat well, pray, to read, to exercise, to relax and do some recreation (I raise my hand to that!). As a solution to this, there are various Thailand retreats that are available that can give you that samui detox that will help rejuvenate your body and spirit. They offer a package for colon cleanse and koh samui detox that is perfect for somebody who is feeling bloated, tired and unhealthy.

I wonder if my husband and I can ever make a trip to Thailand to undergo that detox that we both need. Maybe we can schedule that next year. :-) Apart from being a healthy thing to do, it would be a fantastic way to spend time together, don't you think?

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