Thursday, November 19, 2009

Investment Idea

We had received bountiful blessings in the past weeks. First off, we received a favor regarding our family's special intention. No details here but it's something that we have been praying a lot for in the past months. Another pretty blessing is receiving my Christmas bonus. I'm so happy that we again have a bit of money to pay for our humongous expenses made in the past (related to my giving birth and also because of the typhoon Ondoy) and bit more left for our Christmas celebrations and for savings.

Speaking of savings, I am thinking of making a starter investment on gold. I read somewhere that one of the best and more reliable kind of investment in when you buy gold coins. When you buy gold bullion, you almost can't go wrong. To buy bullion, you can now go online to purchase gold bullion. You can get good deals and you'll be assured that every cent you spend is going to be worth it.

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