Thursday, November 19, 2009

A commute of a lifetime

The other day, we took Zoe with us as we do some important errands for Daddy. We only took the taxi to go to Megamall since our car still cannot be relied on for long trips. Anyway, while in Megamall, we learned that the document that we had to pick up can only be gotten somewhere in Manila. So with some bit of hesitation, we decided to head for Manila with Zoe in tow.

We first took the MRT plying along EDSA. The train was crowded that for a minute, I started to regret that we tagged Zoe along. However, good thing that there was kind-hearted man who let us sit down. The ride was smooth-sailing from then on. We went down at the last station which is Taft Ave.

From there, we took the route going to the old LRT station. Honestly, I'm not so familiar with the old LRT and it's actually been ages since I rode this train. Anyway, I was suprised that the LRT ride was even more pleasant than riding the MRT. Although there were different kinds of people on it, the train is cooler and more spacious in my opinion. We went down at Carriedo station and hailed a pedicab as we got out. The pedicab ride was CRAZY. The man drove against a one way car route so you can just imagine how scared I was for myself and for Zoe. Buti na lang the ride was short. Otherwise, I may have collapsed out of fear. Hahaha. And oh, the streets were just jam-packed. There were vendors everywhere that I think Zoe has never seen that so many vendors ever in her life. But Zoe was so cool about. Nagugulat ako. She neither complained or cried. She was even pointing a the pictures in the pirated DVDs that some tinderos were selling.

Anyway, upon getting what we needed, we started to walk towards the Recto station of the new LRT (2). That walk was definitely an eye-opener for me. I realized that Manila isn't the same lovely Manila that many envisualize it to be. The beauty may still be there but the pollution now is worse than ever plus it now filled with vendors selling different kinds of bad stuff (sex videos, sex toys, pirated DVDs, fake items, etc. etc.). I was so disappointed that the used-to-be center of commercial activity is now filled with X-rated stuff making it a place not suited to bring your kids.

We made it to the LRT 2 station in time before it started to rain. This time, the train was filled with people who came from Divisoria and with young people studying in the different colleges in Manila. By that time, Zoe was utterly tired and slept the whole trip until we got to the Santolan station where we hailed a FX to get home.

It was a "commute of a lifetime" I would say. We rode a taxi, 3 trains, a pedicab plus an FX service shuttle in just one day. Not many 3-year olds have experienced it as Zoe has experienced it.

Now, would I do this again? Hmm...memorable as it seems, I don't think we'll do it again in the near future.

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