Thursday, November 19, 2009

Planters for the House

I admit that I haven't been giving due attention to our plants since I gave birth to Luigi and since the typhoon came. Oh well. Did you know that a couple of our planters which were situated in our front yard were all wiped out by the flood? The water rose so fast that day (up to an unbelievable high of eight feet!) that we totally panicked and forgot to bring all our outdoor planters to a higher place. Thus, after the flood, all of my lovely decorative planters were all gone. Tough luck.

Anyway, we're all moving on and I'm planning to start buying a planter again but this time, I want an indoor planter. I already saw several classic designs that complement our living room furniture and wall color. Plus, with the plants safely positioned inside the house, we wouldn't have to worry whenever a storm comes up again.

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