Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking for Old Friends, Lost Relatives

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Christmas is usually a time when you think about your loved ones and family. For me, it makes me remember our relatives abroad who have not been in touch with our family for the longest time. Particularly on my Dad's side, there are some uncles and cousins who have sort of "stayed away" and had not been in touch for almost a decade now. But regardless of the reason why they had not wanted to get in touch, I would still love to hear about them, or even better, directly from them, so that I'll know how they have been ~ we are relatives by blood, after all.

Speaking of finding lost loved ones, MyLife is an internet site where you can use to find old friends, relatives and acquaintances in the USA. I've actually tried to find the name of one of my uncles and found out that the address / state where they are found is still the same state (probably the same house address) where we last communicated with them. This bit of surprising fact makes me feel happy that they are still there and are, God willing, most likely doing well.

If you are in the same situation as mine, maybe you ought to try clicking on MyLife. You'll never know who you will happily reconnect with through this site.

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