Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thinking of getting a mailbox

We had just watched the animated movie "Up" on DVD the other day and it made me cry. The movie was lovely and very touching. One of the moving parts of the movie was when the main character and his wife were depicted as building their home together, even putting a mailbox out their front yard which they personalized by putting on their names and handprints on it.

This got me thinking that it would be nice if our family also had a personalized mailbox for our home just like in the movie. Yeah, I think I ought to be really getting mail boxes for our frontyard soon also to make sure our mails are safe and secure. For sure I'll be able to find all kinds and varieties of mailboxes online, whether it be a single wall mount mailbox, column-style, etc. etc. Not only will it serve as a great frontyard decor, it will also serve as a family thingy.

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