Sunday, January 3, 2010

House Preps

Some relatives are coming from the States this month and we’re very excited! I think they will be staying with us for a month. In this regard, we are trying to make the necessary house preparations for their coming.

First off, I scoured through our closets and made sure that it’s all in order and ready for use by our relatives. We also have been scouting around for the past week for new upholstery for our living room set. But it’s so hard to find nice textile that will fit our needs so I’m also open to buying a new living set altogether. I’ve managed to visit this site where they offer a variety of styles in modern furniture. They have great furniture that’s great for those living rooms that are almost always the main attraction in any house. There are also elegant pieces for bedrooms which designs are very updated and elegant. Most of the styles are couldn’t be found locally so I’m almost tempted to order online!

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