Sunday, January 3, 2010

Partial New Year's Resolution List

Is making a new year’s resolution already passé? Well, I think not. It’s always great to resolve to do things better every now and then…well, at least not just every new year. The coming of the new year gives us another chance, a reminder, that we can strive to do better in many things.

So here’s my partial list of resolutions regarding order in little things:

1. Always bring my office bag straight to our bedroom: no more letting it lie around the dining table or the living room.

2. Try to make a tedious financial accounting of our family’s daily expenses (I’ve a new notebook for that already!!!).

3. Put away all pending paperwork in the office in a place where it isn’t an eyesore and where it won’t be forgotten the next day.

4. Make new 2010 folders for the bills, statement of accounts, etc. etc.

5. Throw away old receipts, print outs, used envelopes every day, if possible.

How are the above as for new year's resolutions?

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PM said...

happy new year, vina!

this list (everything on it) sounds like my list too!

btw, my blog is back to : )

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