Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's Clean Up Time

How did you celebrate your new year holidays? For us, we basically stayed at home (except for a day for a couple’s date and shopping around Greenhills). Yesterday, in fact, while battling a bad case of migraine, we managed to make-over our mini living room at our house extension (aka maid’s quarters).

This living room used to be “my” living room. You see, I used to live separately from my parents when I was still single. They sort of build this extension house for me. This house had a living room, 2 bedrooms, a side kitchenette and a bathroom. It can actually be a separate house altogether. But when I got married, we transferred to the bigger house and settled in the attic area. My old room at the extension house was turned into the yaya’s room while the mini living room was neglected and through the years became a laundry and ironing room.

I decided to clean up the living room, as part of my new year’s resolution. The past typhoon and flood had destroyed some of its cabinets and floors and it’s now at a sad state. I’m actually thinking of buying a new revolutionary vacuum at Dyson Hoover to clean up the floors from the stains and dust. But until I do that, I settled with packing away all the laundry and ironing stuff that the helper had not tried to put into order. I rearranged the furniture and put aside the ironing board underneath the staircase. I also sorted out the plates and other whatnots in the cabinets and pulled out some gems (glass trays, crystal glasses) that I had never been used --- I don’t need to wait for a special occasion to use them, right?

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