Thursday, February 18, 2010

Breastfeeding Issues

I have issues, yes.

I have been feeling a bit frustrated with my b'feeding lately. You see, I feel that I am almost out of milk and don't have enough supply even to feed my baby boy even at night and early mornings.

Like early this morning, he cried and cried and just won't take my breast after 1 or 2 minutes of feeding. I knew that my breasts were practically empty. So for the very first time, I was the one who prepared and gave Luigi the bottle of formula. Well, some would say, it's no big deal since Luigi has been mixed-fed (around 80% breastmilk, 20% formula) since he was about 3 months old. That was time that I had to go back to work. But you know, as far as I was concerned, I wanted to direct feed him whenever I am around. That means every night and early mornings AND weekends.

But as for this morning, he cried to me as if begging for more milk and I couldn't give it to him. There were even tears in his eyes!!! So when I finally gave the formula, he happily drank it and even smiled and smiled after finishing it. Honestly, I felt bad.

Anyway, I've given my very best. Maybe I'm just tired so the milk wouldn't come. At any rate, life must go on.

All I know is, I love my kids so much.

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Chris said...

Hello Vina!

How are you? havent been here for some time...

Maybe you are tired... and stressed.. so the milk wouldn't come... or your baby is really hungry...

do try to latch more again... Im sure the milk will flow once again... do you pump while at work?

Vina said...

hi chris! yes, i'll try again. i had been pumping at work since nov pero stopped na rin a couple of weeks ago. sobrang busy at work now kaya couldn't anymore find the time to pump.

thanks for visiting ha! :-)

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