Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been uber busy at work because it's OPB time once again. (I think I've mentioned this so many times already!) Anyway, apart from that, there are also some developments in the home-front and in the career-front.

We just got a Nintendo Wii last weekend and we all woke up Monday morning feeling so sored from all the tennis and bowling and baseball that we played. It's a great feeling! Plus, I realized that I never gotten the chance to play bowling or tennis with my hubby until now. It's a wonderful bonding (and competitive) moment for us. :-) I would love to do it again and again (or until I win!!!). Hehehe.

At work, there's the annual individual performance review going on now. Many feel uneasy when rating time comes along. It can be exciting, crazy and sometimes humbling (plus frustrating). At any rate, I find it LIBERATING! ^"^

Will keep all posted!

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