Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's hard.

It's hard not having a car.

As you may have read in my blogs, we were Ondoy typhoon victims last September. And although we were saved from any severe damage in our home, our car was not spared from the disaster. Many of the parts of the car needed to be replaced and so far, we already have spent loads of money trying to bring it back to a good working condition again. So far, we already are status quo in the repairs because the major work that still needs to be done (the transmission and electrical) would require us to shell out a huge amount of money.

Without an efficient car, I have to commute to go to work everyday now. This means I have to wake up very early so that I don’t encounter the long lines waiting for a service to bring me to Makati. Sometimes, when I don’t get to wake up as early (mea culpa), I have to wait for an hour or so falling in line, risking being late for work. After work, it’s the same story. I also again need to line up to get a ride home. I’m trying to get used to it because I have no choice. I just need to learn to offer it up.

Anyway, last month, we were a bit lucky to temporarily use my Dad’s pick-up truck for more than a week. You see, my Dad was driving for our relatives to go to the province when he discovered that he was driving without a license. As a result, he decided to leave his truck at our home and just take the bus going back to Batangas instead of risking being apprehended by the traffic authorities.

With the truck, our social life became alive again. We were able to attend parties, drive our relatives to places they would like to go, reach longer distances and bring the kids wherever we liked without us having to commute. (Our damaged car could only travel short distance otherwise it would overheat.). But then just when we thought our happy days were to last for at least month, my Dad had to take back the truck because he needed it to go to the province again.

So good bye for now to the truck, its husky liners and ladder rack. We also temporarily bid adieu to the truck’s tonneau cover and its big wheels.

I guess we just have to wait until our car comes back to life again and until happy days are here again.

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sweetytots said...

oh.. i feel for you.. my car also got damaged because of the Ondoy and I too had to wait for almost 2 months to have it back to working condition, not to mention the cost. Too much hassle, but I would like to motivate you, I got it repaired and it is working just fine, as if nothing happened hope you can have your fixed soon..

Vina said...

thank you dear for the encouraging words. hopefully with my upcoming bonus, we will be able to have the car finally fixed. :-) happy thoughts, happy thoughts...

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