Thursday, February 4, 2010

For Tonight...

For tonight, we will be having dinner out with our US-based relatives. Since they only have a few more days left here, we invited them to dine with us in Greenbelt. I have been craving for the delicious pizza and pasta at Capricciossa so probably that’s where we are going to eat tonight. I can’t wait!

All-in-all their vacation here is for about a month. And since they’ll be away for so long, I think that they are already beginning to wonder how the weather is in Chicago and how their house is doing. Well, we all hope everything is alright. We actually talked about installing a Home Security System for their home since there are times during the year that they are abroad. They know that among the many choices, ADT provides the best Security System for homes. Anyway, I hope my cousins (their sons) can check their house once in awhile so that they will feel secured that things are okay.

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