Thursday, February 4, 2010

Travels and Field Trips

My relatives have been talking over dinner about their past travels together. They have been almost around the world and we just drool with envy while listening to their interesting stories. And even with that, they are still planning for more trips in the future, including a trip to Beijing, China to see the Great Wall of China. Wow!

Anyway, one of the more recent trips they had was a road trip going to Washington D.C. with their grandchildren. It was one of the first out-of-state trips of their grandchildren. They really maximized their time going around the major attractions. They said that what they couldn't and shouldn't miss is a trip and a picture at the steps leading to the Lincoln Memorial (oh what a great photo opp this was!) and of course, a whole day tour at the famous Smithsonian. Everyone knows that Washington is home to the best museums for kids and that includes a tour round the Smithsonian Nationa Museum of Human History. They went to the O. Orkin Insect Zoo and the Butterfly Pavilion and the kids had a blast! Oooh! If only we can also bring Zoe and Luigi to these kinds of wonderful places too. It would be so much fun! Anyway, I'm making that a dream project for the family in the few 3 to 4 years. :-)

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