Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random Update

Hello there! I've been busy lately and never really get to do as many catch-up posts as I can. First, it's because work has been busy. What I do to cope is to maximize and enjoy my short lunch breaks to go to mass and do some research on Golf Platzreife for my friend who's dad is taking a trip to Germany soon. I looked up http://www.golfakademie.com/ and got envious to go to Germany too. Well, it's actually a longtime dream of mine to find the time (and the money) to go and visit our relatives there. There we can make a tour of the castles and roam around the stores, buying nice stuff at the local golfshop and do a roadtrip using GSP!

Anyway, let me stop daydreaming now and just share with you random personal updates.

As for Zoe, she already got accepted in the preschool near our place. She will be in the Senior Nursery class this June. We will to send her there for the meantime because we think that Zoe's still so small to travel a significant distance just to go to a big preschool. We decided to just transfer her to a big Catholic school in a couple of years and when she's a little bit older.

Anyway, this preschool is sort of an international school (they've got lots of foreigners as students). The teacher we talked to was very nice. Actually, this school was highly recommended to us our wedding godparents since their grandchildren are currently enrolled there. So now, we're in the process of completing the documents required and by next week would have made the reservation. Can't wait for Zoe to start "real" school! Yay!

As for baby Luigi, it's a bit sad that we're already mix-feeding him (almost 20% breast milk and 80% formula). Somehow, my body got tired of all the night-time feedings and the pumping in the office so my milk supply has significantly been reduced. I'm still hoping to revive my milk supply (give me all the malunggay in town please!!!) so wish me luck!

Around the house, our balikbayan relatives are still with us so we're trying to maintain the ideal set-up: healthy food and clean household. The house seems more alive now with my uncle and auntie helping out in taking care of the babies in the house. Zoe is very comfortable with having them around and I think that they adore Zoe and Luigi just the same.

That's it for now. More updates soon!

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