Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Small Things to Brighten Up the Home

Last week, I decided to add a few small touches on our living room to spruce it up a bit.

I rediscovered the extra candle plate which we bought for our godparents as a gift during our wedding four years ago.

I also re-arranged the ducks that my family has had for decades. One of the baby ducks already has a broken beak but I do not have the heart to throw it away.

Lastly, I resurrected this antique-looking photo frame which was a gift from my billionaire boss and inserted on it an old black and white picture of my parents. This picture was taken maybe around the late 60s when they were still boyfriend/girlfriend. Personally, I think the picture just exudes love, happiness and purity. *-*

Now, our home is brighter than ever!

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