Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stress Reliever

Found something in the grocery that's become a super stress reliever for us. We placed one of these inside our room and the smell really soothes and helps us get that restful sleep at night. :-)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Tuna Time

Ever had one of those Sunday afternoons when you don't know what to have for afternoon snack? Recently, I opened one of these Betty Crocker's Tuna Helper and mixed up a delightful and yummy merienda for the whole family.

Bought several boxes of these in Duty Free:

Just mix it with 3/4 cup of water, 1 can of Nestle cream (directions says put milk but I decided that all purpose cream would be better) and 1 small can of Century Tuna in water. Add some butter if you may.

A closer look before heating:

Tada! Instant pasta dish best topped with grated cheese. Perfect match with a can of ice-cold Rootbeer!

Best thing about it, Hubby loves it too.

Shoe Solution

I admit that I've grown quite attached to my shoes...even to my shoe boxes. Imagine, we went to Singapore last year and bought several pairs of shoes. Even though it would such a pain to bring home the boxes --- I did! I carefully dismantled each one and folded them so that they could fit in the luggage.

Anyway, this week, I said NO MORE to my shoe boxes and opted to transfer most of my shoes in plastic shoe containers which I bought from Ace Hardware at 50 bucks each. It's a good buy and a good-bye (to my dusty old shoe boxes)!!!

Good thing about these plastic shoe containers, I can still see what's inside. The cover isn't air-tight so it gives the chance for the shoes to air out after a day's use. I just added a silica beanie bag inside each container to prevent the shoe from getting discolored from the humidity. Plus, the container's big and wide enough to fit the shoes in ordinary position (meaning the shoes aren't positioned sideways or what-not. Plus 10 pieces of these containers fit exactly at the bottom of my closet! One negative thing lang, my Crocs don't fit...too big!

Anyway, I still love it!


Hi everyone! In line with Easter, I have resolved to resurrect this blog for my personal benefit. :-)

Firstly, as I have blogged here, my Holy Week vacation passed by so fast without me getting my hands into the mess at home.

You want a sample? Here!!!! Take a good look. LOL.

Zoe's toys and stuff all over the family room:

Pantry items looking like a jungle:

Ukay-ukay anyone?

Baby items mixed with household goodies:

Messed up console for recipes and breakfast goodies:

I'm sure those OC people will cringe with the sight of all of these gulo. At least, I'm happy to say that I've weed out some the clutter pictured above. Will post my initial organization efforts soon. Just forgot to take pictures. Ta-ta!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Time To Tidy Up

Gosh! It was a hell of a week in the work front. I've missed on so many chores, norms and sleeping hours. I'm glad that next week will be so much lighter. I want that much needed rest and those very important times to do my wifey and momsy duties. Plus it's the advance feastday of St. Joseph tomorrow and it's also Holy Week next week for us Catholics so I'm really hoping to reflect deeper on my prayer (tidy up my interior life) and also be able to do some apostolate, like bringing my Dad and Hunny to UAP for confession.

Meantime, I promise to add more useful stuff here during the Holy Week vacation. I just need some more days of rest to refuel.

Ciao for now!

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