Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And Then There Were None

October 8, 2011 - Luigi's 2nd official trip to the barber... this time, to have it all shaved up.

The "before" shot:

The "during" shots:

The "after" shot:

With a small black spot in the middle of his forehead - due to a bump he had because of his kalikutan - but, nevertheless, still cute!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Focus on Fitness

Have you ever experienced feeling bloated and lazy? Or are you often in an eating craze and too many drinking parties?

Do you want to get fit and lengthen your life? Do you want to live your life happy and full of energy?

Well, if your anwers if no, no and yes, yes to above questions, then why don't you start over, leave all of those bad habits behind, get into those athletic apparel and focus on your health and fitness today? At first, it may not be easy but if you think of the benefits of living healthy, then you will be encouraged to really fight for fitness.

Below are some of the unique benefits of regular exercise and getting fit:

1. Regular exercise reduces your risk of premature death. You avoid developing heart disease and different kinds of cancer, which are the main causes of premature death.
2. Your immune system is also strengthen with regular exercise.
3. You sleep better and it's what you need to feel relaxed and energetic the next day.
4. Even without a rigid diet, you tend to cut off those extra pounds.
5. You will even look younger than how you would normally would for your age!
6. Overall, you feel great and happy!

Now what could be better that all that?

I highly encourage you to take up regular exercise not as a daily chore but something that you are doing and will be doing not only for yourself but for your whole family. You may actually start off with just light exercise routines like walking or stretching. When you feel more comfortable with your body, you can do more aerobic exercise such as jumping, running, swimming. After you have managed to take control of your body and energy, you can move forward by adding some strength and muscle conditioning for your routine. With these, you can be fit in no time. Make sure you take nutritious meals and enough rest as well.

Now if you are like me who needs a little bit more boost than the rest, you can allow yourself to be enthused by buying some new clothes for your exercise activities. What I did for myself was to browse and buy through an online clothing store. I was able pick several polo shirts and other women's clothing that fit my body and boost my morale. Now, I am ready to start my exercise routines because I feel good about the way I look and I know in my heart that this is the best thing I can actually do for myself.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Going back to Scrapbooking

If there's anything that I missed while I was super busy with work - it's blogging and doing digital scrapbooking.

I challenged myself recently to try it out again -- I knew that my photoshop skills are going a bit rusty --- by creating Zoe's school party invitation DIY.

Hmm...although this looks okay - I think I need to practice some more. :-)

Hope I find more time to sit down to create more cute stuff.

Revisiting Ongpin Street

My new officemates and I went on a mini-field trip to Chinatown last July. It was more of a food trip actually, but nevertheless very culturally enriching.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

Posing with the group:

Poong Nazareno found inside Binondo Church:

Kalesa ride, anyone?

What is a Binondo trip without stopping by at Tasty?

Siomai to perfection:

Siopao which I couldn't resist:

Colorful version of the siopao infront of Eng Bee Tin:

Saying a little prayer thru incense:

Fruits at a very low price:

Luvet! I'm definitely coming back!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shopping Alternative

We were gifted with this colorful picture frame a couple of years ago and it's only now that I was able to take it out from its "hiding place" and be able to put the kids' pictures inside.

How lovely it turned out to be! This one now sits on the glass table in the living room. :-)

Now I realize how we can easily forget gifts received through the years. When Christmas or birthdays pass, we sometimes forget to immediately put the gifts to use. In some instances even, we forget them altogether and they rust away or get spoilt, making them useless stuff.

I know that I have a lot more "good stuff" which I have on storage and not used. I still have a ton of bags, lotions, perfumes, etc. etc. in the cabinet!!! Don't you think this is enough reason for me to skip going around the mall for now and stop buying stuff here and there? As an alternative, what I just gotta do is really bring out those gifts in storage and make use of them. It's like buying new stuff without spending a single cent.

How cool is that?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Funny Find: Lunch Bugs

The page says: Sick of sharing your sandwich with your co-workers? This is one way to be totally sure that no one will ever want to touch your lunch again.

Eww and LOL!

Vacation's Over

Vacation is over. Well, at least for me, of course. I was on quite a busy but memorable vacation for the past days with my family but inevitably had to go back to my corporate life, this time with a new company. Hopefully, I will find my stay in this company so worthwhile.

Speaking of work, one of the first emails I got in my inbox is an email from HR informing everyone about the annual vaccination program for the employees. Unlike in my previous job where you get one free vaccine for yourself, all of the vaccines to be availed here are to be charged to the employee, albeit at a lesser price. Nurses and doctors wearing hospital scrubs uniforms will come in at a given day to administer to the employees the vaccines which they've ordered. I'm actually thinking if I should also order at least a flu vaccine for my kids. Hmm. They are both due for that same vaccine anyway. Oh, by the way, this reminds me that I still need to do some research for a nurse-friend of mine looking for scrubs. I will tell her that she can actually find cheap but nice nursing or medical scrubs in this link http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Women/Original-Scrubs/. I am quite sure she will find what she needs there.

Ta-ta for now!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our St. Nick

St. Nicholas of Bari is a popular saint often associated with asking for financial assistance, protection of children, and of course, Christmas gift-giving.

Because my husband and I have been praying to him to keep our finances sound and our kids and house safe for the longest time, we've always wanted to get a St. Nicholas statue for the house. It is also to replace/complement our already-dilapidated St. Nicholas novena prayer card that is posted on our cork board near the telephone in the living room. :-)

Happily last March, I was able to find a lovely wooden figure of him from Deinar. Fina of Deinar handed St. Nicholas to us with the reminder that we can truly pray to him to give us money, a lot of money, but just enough.

So, here he is.

The figure fits perfectly at the wall adjacent to our main door. And as we had the figure blessed and then hung on the wall, we pray that he continues to be one of the guardians of the kids, the house and our wallets. :-)

For more info and stories on this saint, click here.

So, House Everything?

This blog has been an utterly neglected space in the world wide web. Huhu. But I think I'm about to do something about it now.

Find more interesting articles in the next minutes or so. I'm definitely back in the grind! Ha!


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