Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning Something New

I was just talking to my friend who worked for a company as a network administrator and we were discussing our different experiences regarding our work. I told her that before I went on maternity leave, I was thinking of the possibility of me training to learn a HRIS-accounting program that would be very helpful in building my skills in HR Compensation and Benefits as well as in payroll work. You see, our unit recently merged with our employee payroll department and this meant that we would even more closely work with the people who are implementing our payroll scheme. My friend, on the other hand, talked about this new screen locking system that has an auto log off feature that would be very helpful in the work of a network administrator.

Anyway, I just had to smile at our conversation because it all seemed so serious. But I realize that it's great sharing our experiences at work because by this we learn something new even if it's outside our respective profession.

Happy 4th!

Time flies so fast really. Has it really been twelve years since I met you? Has it really been four years since we promised to stay together forever? I still feel so excited to spend the day with you. Everything is still lovely as ever. Everyday, you still make me feel that I made the right the decision, a decision that God has happily led me into.

You are the best husband and daddy. You are my one and only.

Happy 4th anniversary to my dear husband. I love you so, so much!

Our Car is Sick.

More than a month has already passed after we experienced typhoon Ondoy and still our car (which was fully submerged in flood water for 3 days) is still sick. Just like the many cars in our place, our car (which we fondly call Mica) is still not A-ok. We have already brought Mica to the car shop so many times but still, whenever we try to use it, it shows signs that it wants to break down or something like that. My brother in law says that we again need to have the transmission cleaned and properly drained (that is, for the nth time already) plus we need to check the leak in the steering box.

Speaking of steering parts, you can actually avail of parts online via Power Steering Pros. They offer good quality products plus you can avail of free shipping. But you know, I'm not actually sure if they ship to our place. If they do, I'm sure to order a new steering box from them.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gearing Up for Halloween

It's Halloween season once again and we've been awfully excited about Zoe's upcoming Trick or Treat Party and Graduation Day at her Kindermusik Our Time (Wiggles and Giggles) Class this Saturday.

Her teacher advised us to bring her in a costume so we went to the mall last weekend and picked out a nice cutesy costume for our little girl which looks something like this:

Yup, she's going to come in dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. She tried it out and looks so cute in it. I hope to post the party pics here soon!

Online Find

Now that I'm on the second half stretch of my maternity leave, I have been able to find more time to get some other things done such as read books, do the weekly menu, clean up some clutter, check my email and download helpful informational 'stuff' online. By 'stuff' I would mean downloading and searching for things related to child care, breastfeeding, health, exercise and the like, all of which are at the top of my concerns now. And speaking of online 'stuff', I recently discovered that you can do a Free PDF Search for all of your pdf file search needs. It could help you get to the information that you need quicker and more hassle free. You now don't encounter those unneeded files and webpages that do not lead you to what you really are looking for. I think this is so helpful for busy moms like me.

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