Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking for Old Friends, Lost Relatives

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Christmas is usually a time when you think about your loved ones and family. For me, it makes me remember our relatives abroad who have not been in touch with our family for the longest time. Particularly on my Dad's side, there are some uncles and cousins who have sort of "stayed away" and had not been in touch for almost a decade now. But regardless of the reason why they had not wanted to get in touch, I would still love to hear about them, or even better, directly from them, so that I'll know how they have been ~ we are relatives by blood, after all.

Speaking of finding lost loved ones, MyLife is an internet site where you can use to find old friends, relatives and acquaintances in the USA. I've actually tried to find the name of one of my uncles and found out that the address / state where they are found is still the same state (probably the same house address) where we last communicated with them. This bit of surprising fact makes me feel happy that they are still there and are, God willing, most likely doing well.

If you are in the same situation as mine, maybe you ought to try clicking on MyLife. You'll never know who you will happily reconnect with through this site.

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New Year's Eve Dinner Ideas

Does anybody here want to share their foodie ideas for the New Year's Eve and New Year's Day celebration? You see, I still haven't come up with any menu yet.

On the top of my head, I'm thinking of baked ham and good ol' noodles, sotanghon, in particular. But I realize that my husband is not so fond of sotanghon since he finds it hard to swallow. Anyhow, other noodle-inspired dishes would be good. Hope you can share your recipes here.


Thinking of getting a mailbox

We had just watched the animated movie "Up" on DVD the other day and it made me cry. The movie was lovely and very touching. One of the moving parts of the movie was when the main character and his wife were depicted as building their home together, even putting a mailbox out their front yard which they personalized by putting on their names and handprints on it.

This got me thinking that it would be nice if our family also had a personalized mailbox for our home just like in the movie. Yeah, I think I ought to be really getting mail boxes for our frontyard soon also to make sure our mails are safe and secure. For sure I'll be able to find all kinds and varieties of mailboxes online, whether it be a single wall mount mailbox, column-style, etc. etc. Not only will it serve as a great frontyard decor, it will also serve as a family thingy.

She Loves to Dance

Zoe at 3 years and 3 months simply loves to dance!

She loves to dance either infront of a crowd (her dad and mom, hehe) or alongside other kids.

See her expression with her eyes closed? (I don't know where she gets this, really, but it's cute).

At any rate, she is always a joy to watch. It never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

Design Ideas

Having some days of rest over the holiday season is such a joy! It helps clear your mind from the pressures in the office and aids you to focus on family and home matters more.

Personally, I've taken advantage of the short vacation to watch a bit of HGTV and do some internet surfing in order to pick up some good design ideas for our home, particularly our living room. One idea that got my attention is putting area rugs in the room to add a splash of color. Area rugs are great for putting a better perspective in a room as well as in giving it a design touch. I am actually planning on buying some area rugs next month in time for the arrival of our house guests (my uncle and aunt) who will come Chicago and I'm willing to buy it online, if I can.

Back from a short break

Guess what? I'm again back in the office. It's supposed to be a regular working day but my mind is still having a hang-over from the Christmas celebrations...and so I'm blogging to get myself back on track. LOL (what an excuse!).

Anyway, our Christmas was great! We had our usual family get-together on Christmas day with my relatives on my mother's side and my in-laws (SILs, pamangkins and MIL) spending the whole day at our home. Of course, my Tatay and Ninang and Francis were there too. The only person we're missing is my sister who is in Iloilo.

For Christmas lunch, we served chicken mushroom spaghetti, potato-apple salad, lumpiang shanghai, kaldereta. All yummy!!!

Wish it was Christmas day again....(sigh).

Happy Birthday Bro! :-)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This Christmas

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Bidazzled. All opinions are 100% mine.

For those who want to live the true spirit of giving especially with the holiday season, there are new ways available for you to share your love to others or share in a good cause, for that matter. One way is by joining Bidazzled, an online auction market that allows you to buy new brand merchandise through bids and at the same time help a lung cancer foundation. Whether you win or lose the bid, you are still helping out in a very important way.

With the season of Christmas, we can sometimes be too into ourselves that we forget how it is to give. On the side, my reflections for Christmas has gravitated on forgetting myself and learning to focus on the baby Jesus which comes in the face of those many people around you: the street kids, the sick people in hospitals, the elderly, the dying, the "scrooge" in the office, your child in tantrums, etc., etc., depending on your state in life. Christmas comes to remind us that we are faced to live the virtues in a heroic degree albeit, maybe more emphasized now with what the season brings.

Have a very merry and worthwhile Christmas everyone! Stay warm!

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Looking for a New Place?

House-hunting can be such a tiresome job for people nowadays. Many times, you do not know where to start looking and how to manage to close a good deal. This is because there are so many things to consider in buying a house or a condo. It would depend on your current budget, the size of your family, proximity, and many other things. Furthermore, buying a house would also greatly depend on whether or not you get a good real estate agent to facilitate the tripping and actual sale. From experiences I have heard, sometimes, it really boils down to the contract prize PLUS if you get along with your agent.

Anyway, for those of you who may be in Canada and need to know where to find reliable real estate agents, you can find a directory listing of good Ontario Real Estate Agents online. And for example, if you are interested in Richmond Hill, there are Richmond Hill Real Estate Agents whom you can contact to regarding your house hunting queries. There is also a list of Mississauga Real Estate Agents which you can find online for easier access to the best people who can assist you in your important real estate needs.

Monday, December 21, 2009

UP Friends - Christmas Party 2009

Our home was the venue for this year's annual Christmas Party get-together amongst my UP barkada and their families (or significant other).

We had it potluck style tapos I prepared some simple fun games and a raffle to keep us all in the mood for Christmas.

This year's hosts - V & T (uy... mukhang payat!)
Tanay couple - Baba and Gra
Crazy folks :-) Borj and Che
May 1 lovebirds - Emer and Ruby
Secretive Lala (na may date afterwards but won't divulge the details)
Zoe with Tito Eumir
Xmas foodies!
Raffle prizes c/o everyone
Christmas Charades - Che (trying to decribe Santa Claus)
Christmas Charades - Gra (trying to act out poinsettia) - cute!
Christmas Carol Relay (the boys won!)
Bring office ID! :-)


Group pic

Hope to see you guys again soon! Merry Christmas!

*pics from Gracia's multiply site

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like home!

Here's a glimpse:

Spread the spirit of Christmas and let's start in our very own homes!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Going Strong...

Luigi is officially 3 months old this December 08. This means too that I've been breastfeeding for three months and going strong... Yes! I can't believe it myself! :-) I'm so happy for this mommy "accomplishment".

Here's hoping that Mother Nature continues to send me more milk for baby. :-)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Feeling Toxic? Detoxify!

We all know that popular saying that goes, “Health is Wealth”. And the good news is, I think that many people now are beginning to think of health and wellness as part of their lifestyle, whereas before, nobody really cared much about it.

However, when you live a very busy life, you then to forget to check on your health and nutrition. Many people who have full-time jobs and a family to take care of then to live a life that is full of toxicity, like there’s never enough time to eat well, pray, to read, to exercise, to relax and do some recreation (I raise my hand to that!). As a solution to this, there are various Thailand retreats that are available that can give you that samui detox that will help rejuvenate your body and spirit. They offer a package for colon cleanse and koh samui detox that is perfect for somebody who is feeling bloated, tired and unhealthy.

I wonder if my husband and I can ever make a trip to Thailand to undergo that detox that we both need. Maybe we can schedule that next year. :-) Apart from being a healthy thing to do, it would be a fantastic way to spend time together, don't you think?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Are you bothered by these recalls?

The makers of Maclaren strollers had been asked to issue a recall last month of about 1 million of strollers sold. I think this was due to reported several finger amputations caused by the design when you open or close the contraption.

Being a Maclaren stroller owner, I personally felt bothered that even a brand that is known for design ingenuity and technology are producing children's products that are potentially harmful. Good riddance that my daughter actually used her Maclaren stroller (which we bought and carried from Singapore to Manila) only for a limited time. I think she realized then that she wanted to walk (or run!) more than sit there and be pushed around ~ which I think was a good thing (no injuries plus stronger legs!).

Anyway, prior to knowing about the recall, we had long before planned on handing over this stroller to our baby boy. But at his age of 2 months, the Maclaren Triumph's back support couldn't be fully pushed down and it just wouldn't work for our baby who cannot sit up just yet. And since I just could not wait to take the baby outside, we decided to buy him his own stroller taking advantage of a discount from a Chicco sale.

Of course, I still don't want to dispose of our Maclaren altogether. I think it hasn't gained its ROI just yet. So now I'm still considering ordering the "kit" that will prevent the injury that is potential in the use of a Maclaren. But with the kit and all, I still feel bothered and doubtful if it's safe to use at all. What do you guys think?

Alternative to a Downspout

If you are building a house and is looking for an alternative to a downspout, then I highly recommend that you put a rain chain at each of the corners of your gutter. Rain chains are widely used in Japan. They are usually put there to present a water feature out of rainwater that comes down from the gutter.

The first time I encountered copper rain chains was in the house where my sister used to live. At the bottom of the garden rain chains were big clay jars that serve as rain barrels that collect rainwater for gardening purposes. And then whenever it rains, the water guttering from the roof flows beautifully downwards like a subtle fountain. I think it's a lovely idea especially if you have like sort of atrium or a garden within your house.

Now with a new addition...

Stick Figure Family at
Make your Stick Figure Family at if only I could really be as thin and sexy as the "me" in this drawing. Hmm...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Folks are Back at Home

My Dad and Ninang arrived yesterday to visit us again. They were just in our house the other day wherein they stayed with us for over a week and now they are back again with lots of stories and, of course, goodies for the kids.

You see, my Dad already now lives in Batangas. They only come and visit us once in awhile since they already have their regular activities and other involvement in their parish church. Anyway, whenever they go home from Batangas to Cainta, they often travel by car. And since this is quite a long drive, for every trip, I could sense that my Dad often feels tired afterwards.

Well, this is all expected since they are already past their 60's. At that age, it is already common for people to experience different kinds of pain in their bodies, particularly in the back area as well as in the lower extremities. That is why, I suggested to them to go buy tramadol bluebook and find out what is tramadol hcl 50mg used for. I think this drug can relieve pain that is hounding your back or lumbar area. After taking it, you will feel less of the pain and then gain that energy and confidence to get up and move around once again. You can buy tramadol online. I told my folks that and I'm sure they will look it up.

Anyway, going back to my Dad. I think it's good that they always come to visit. Especially now that we already have two kids and both my husband and I are working, it somehow gives me a better feeling or assurance that there is a family member who is there to be with my children. It's because when we leave for work, the kids are, most often than not, left with our helper and a yaya. And since the Zoe is now three years old and is often making havoc at home with her antics, that leaves the yaya often busy chasing after her. Now I wonder if the baby boy is being properly given the attention and care he needs if we're not around. Hmm, I wonder.

Looking for a Gift

My officemates and I might attend a wedding this December 11. Though I'm not perfectly sure if I can make it (oh, because the car is still not okay), we have already decided to pull our resources together in order to buy them a nice gift.

There were so many suggestions given as to the gift, some traditional while some outrageous. On my part, I suggested to them that we go personalize our gift. Maybe they would appreciate receiving an address plaque for their new home. Since they will be moving in soon to a new house and live together as husband and wife, it would be such a joy for them to put something like "The Sorianos" (or something like that) on a beautiful address sign posted on their house's gate. I think address plaques make a lovely wedding gift. Don't you think so?

Mt. Vernon Method

I opened my inbox today and found a very appealing email message regarding the application of the Mt. Vernon Method in the mode of organization. Click to find out more.

This really inspired me because at work, after taking a leave for 78 days, I feel that I am at the point where it seems that all the folders and papers in my table and in the vault are just about to fall on me! There is just too much to do, too much to file, too much to update. Just thinking that I need to update about 3,000 disorganized folders and index cards by month's end in order to turn-over part of my job to a colleague is driving me crazy! Blame it on the lack of time, the lack of able assistance and my own limitations in terms of carrying heavy bulks of folders (couldn't do it for the whole nine months of pregnancy and now due to my post-operation). But I need to give it a try, otherwise...

Anyway, I'm willing to start small. I've already taken steps to simplify parts of my work life such as getting rid of duplicate files by using a software I downloaded from the internet. I have also cleaned up my drawers! And then today, I'm gathering up the courage to go to the vault and start organizing, little by little, the folders there...yup, all 3,000 of them.

Small steps, small steps. That's my game plan now. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ten Minute Fix

I couldn't sleep last night so I decided to do a ten minute fix of one of our cabinets in the bedroom.

I got rid of old grocery receipts, plastic bags, scratch papers, broken stuff, old make-up, etc., etc. It freed up a significant amount of space in the cabinet! :-) And then I got to pull out a fresh bottle of body lotion, some pens, and other cool knick-knacks that I tucked away in the cabinet for future (now present) use.

For only ten minutes or so, I immediately felt relieved and happy. It's almost the same feeling as when I go shopping. :-)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Luigi at 2 months...

We celebrated Luigi's 2nd month last November 08 with pancit, ice cream and THIS.

It's the yummy Rocha's puto (with cheese) from Marikina. My cousin Jiji gave this to us when she came to visit that day. Thanks Jiji! I love this type of puto to bits!

Uses of Rainwater Runoff

Since we belong to a country that experiences an abundance of rain, it may be good to make use of all those collected rain water runoff, right? As many don't realize it, people can actually save a ton of money by utilizing rain water for other important uses such as maintaining the garden (i.e. watering plants) and performing domestic tasks (i.e. washing the car, cleaning the bathroom, etc.).

A quick way to do this is to make use of a rain barrel to collect and store rain water coming from your house rooftops. Those rain water barrels which are devised for collecting and maintaining harvested rain. Although there may be an initial cost for doing this, you will realize later on that rain harvesting will not only help you economically but will also make you more environment-friendly. So check out those rain barrels for sale and start reducing mains water use now.

Trick or Treat Project

Zoe's group at Kindermusik had a belated Trick or Treat-themed class a week after Halloween. In line with this, I prepared these sweet treats for her classmates.

Their loot bag contains: cotton candy, jelly ace, chocolate and a container of mini Stick-O's. *-*

Wanted: Beautiful Flooring

I hitched a ride with a neighbor the other day and on the way, we talked about our personal experiences during the flood. That's when she told me the ordeal that their family went through during that time. She told me that up to now, their house smells bad because of the flood water that entered their whole house. Too add, all their flooring is also badly damaged and she thinks that it is better to have it altogether replaced rather than repaired.

Given that this kind of catatrophe won't happen again, I suggested to her to try to have their floor replaced with laminate flooring. Compared to their old wood parquet floor that is almost always subject to weather, sunlight and other factors, wood laminate flooring provides a sturdier and more durable flooring. A hardwood laminate flooring is very easy to install and can be repaired without much hassle. Plus, of much help to calamity victims like us, she can get discount laminate flooring which is a welcome treat for people who can't spend as much.

Baby Boy

I just realized now I don't seem to get a decent photo of Luigi these days. He doesn't like being photographed (at least not as much as Zoe likes it).

So bear with me. This is the best one so far after so many (too many) try's.

Pero look naman at those eyes. Can't you see that I'm a very proud mom?

Friday, November 20, 2009

I Know Where You Can Find These

Are you in need of a place for your students, employees or clients to put their bags and other other stuff? Well look no further for I know where you can find these beautiful lockers! There is this treasure of a webpage that has lockers for sale. You will find a variety of school lockers and gym lockers in their selection.

Personally, how I wish my office could provide me my own locker. I badly need a place to keep my stuff especially now that I bring to work quite a load everyday since I have my breastpump and other breastfeeding materials to tow daily.

Not Used to Anymore...

Waah! Just a couple of days of being back in Makati already gave me an allergic reaction to pollution.

You see, I enjoyed the comforts of a not-so-polluted environment for the past 78 days (read: maternity leave). We have the advantage of trees and clean air around our home that my being suddenly exposed again to the smog and pollution in the city makes me beg for more days off at work.

I literally am sneezing every minute and I hate it! Add the super cold and "unnatural" airconditioned feeling inside the office, my head is spinning like crazy because of migraine, coughs and cold.

Hay...I'm now beginning to think that I'm really better off becoming a SAHM. Oh well, but what else can I do? I've looked up some remedies and will see if it will do the trick meantime.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Planters for the House

I admit that I haven't been giving due attention to our plants since I gave birth to Luigi and since the typhoon came. Oh well. Did you know that a couple of our planters which were situated in our front yard were all wiped out by the flood? The water rose so fast that day (up to an unbelievable high of eight feet!) that we totally panicked and forgot to bring all our outdoor planters to a higher place. Thus, after the flood, all of my lovely decorative planters were all gone. Tough luck.

Anyway, we're all moving on and I'm planning to start buying a planter again but this time, I want an indoor planter. I already saw several classic designs that complement our living room furniture and wall color. Plus, with the plants safely positioned inside the house, we wouldn't have to worry whenever a storm comes up again.

A commute of a lifetime

The other day, we took Zoe with us as we do some important errands for Daddy. We only took the taxi to go to Megamall since our car still cannot be relied on for long trips. Anyway, while in Megamall, we learned that the document that we had to pick up can only be gotten somewhere in Manila. So with some bit of hesitation, we decided to head for Manila with Zoe in tow.

We first took the MRT plying along EDSA. The train was crowded that for a minute, I started to regret that we tagged Zoe along. However, good thing that there was kind-hearted man who let us sit down. The ride was smooth-sailing from then on. We went down at the last station which is Taft Ave.

From there, we took the route going to the old LRT station. Honestly, I'm not so familiar with the old LRT and it's actually been ages since I rode this train. Anyway, I was suprised that the LRT ride was even more pleasant than riding the MRT. Although there were different kinds of people on it, the train is cooler and more spacious in my opinion. We went down at Carriedo station and hailed a pedicab as we got out. The pedicab ride was CRAZY. The man drove against a one way car route so you can just imagine how scared I was for myself and for Zoe. Buti na lang the ride was short. Otherwise, I may have collapsed out of fear. Hahaha. And oh, the streets were just jam-packed. There were vendors everywhere that I think Zoe has never seen that so many vendors ever in her life. But Zoe was so cool about. Nagugulat ako. She neither complained or cried. She was even pointing a the pictures in the pirated DVDs that some tinderos were selling.

Anyway, upon getting what we needed, we started to walk towards the Recto station of the new LRT (2). That walk was definitely an eye-opener for me. I realized that Manila isn't the same lovely Manila that many envisualize it to be. The beauty may still be there but the pollution now is worse than ever plus it now filled with vendors selling different kinds of bad stuff (sex videos, sex toys, pirated DVDs, fake items, etc. etc.). I was so disappointed that the used-to-be center of commercial activity is now filled with X-rated stuff making it a place not suited to bring your kids.

We made it to the LRT 2 station in time before it started to rain. This time, the train was filled with people who came from Divisoria and with young people studying in the different colleges in Manila. By that time, Zoe was utterly tired and slept the whole trip until we got to the Santolan station where we hailed a FX to get home.

It was a "commute of a lifetime" I would say. We rode a taxi, 3 trains, a pedicab plus an FX service shuttle in just one day. Not many 3-year olds have experienced it as Zoe has experienced it.

Now, would I do this again? Hmm...memorable as it seems, I don't think we'll do it again in the near future.

Investment Idea

We had received bountiful blessings in the past weeks. First off, we received a favor regarding our family's special intention. No details here but it's something that we have been praying a lot for in the past months. Another pretty blessing is receiving my Christmas bonus. I'm so happy that we again have a bit of money to pay for our humongous expenses made in the past (related to my giving birth and also because of the typhoon Ondoy) and bit more left for our Christmas celebrations and for savings.

Speaking of savings, I am thinking of making a starter investment on gold. I read somewhere that one of the best and more reliable kind of investment in when you buy gold coins. When you buy gold bullion, you almost can't go wrong. To buy bullion, you can now go online to purchase gold bullion. You can get good deals and you'll be assured that every cent you spend is going to be worth it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Zoe and Macy

This is Zoe with our neighbor's Precious Moments doll named Macy. Zoe loves Macy! She often visits Macy at our neighbors and takes her outside for a walk. The doll's owner is almost tempted to give the doll to her but of course, it's hers plus it has a sentimental value syempre. Anyway, one afternoon, we took a picture of Zoe with her holding Macy and look how much they seem to look alike. :-)

Front Yard Beauties

I have always been attracted to those clean front yards with mailboxes such as those featured in many films that portray the perfect house. It seems that it always had to have a pretty little mailbox situated at the front yard. These are such beauties that I really want to get myself one for our house.

In this regard, I discovered several kinds of mail boxes online. I found it so interesting that there are so many styles and sizes to choose from. There is this wall mount mailbox that I think is perfectly complementary to our front gate. I actually already ear-marked the webpage where it is found and will wait for my husband to give me a go-signal before I check out my shopping cart. How exciting is that?

Steaming Hot!

...that's how we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary last October 30.

But before you start think of something else, let me show you exactly how it went...

We had Shabu-Shabu at the Thousand Cranes in Eastwood Mall!!! It was hot and delicious!!!

See how happy we were! Ha-ha-ha!

I love you honey! Mwah!

My Dream Kitchen

Lately, I have been dreaming about re-inventing the look of my kitchen by changing and replacing some things which don’t seem to fit. You see, I have mix and match of kitchen stuff. I have things made out of plastic, wood, metal and other materials. Now what I want is a cohesive look just like the fabulous pieces that are available at jk adams.

I saw a jk adams wine rack and I think it would be perfect for our “growing” collection of wines. I also fancy this certain jk adams cutting board that makes me all the more inspired to cook up something for the family. There are also matching jk adams pot rack and jk adams spice rack that really seals off my dream kitchen design.

I can’t wait to get my dream kitchen started.

Have You Started Your Xmas Shopping?

OMG. It's only today that I realized that I have not even started to do my Christmas shopping and I am already about to end my supposedly "free time" a.k.a. maternity leave. Gosh. Gosh. Gosh. I also realized that I have not been out of the house more than 4 hours and I don't know how I'll managed to go on a longer shopping trip without feeling engorged and most importantly, without missing the hubby and the kiddos.

Anyway, going back to shopping. I will try though to do some shopping next week. I need to buy some new office clothes that'll fit since I'm in between sizes now (smaller than preggy size but bigger than my usual pre-preggy size --- how about that?!). I also need to pick up a few Christmas gifts na for my inaanaks and friends since some Christmas parties are already happening as early as November for me.

Sounds easier said than done right? I think I'm in panic mode!!!!

Adding a Special Touch

In adding that special touch in the overall design of any home, it is often good to consider using materials that are generally chic and urban. Under this category, what I can specifically suggest is the use of stainless steel. For me, incorporating stainless steel in the design is not only practical but also classy as well. I have seen some wonderful blomus stainless steel mailboxes that just seem to give that extra oomph to a home’s front yard. Those stainless steel mailboxes, which by the way can easily be ordered online, are just beautiful. It seems to give some kind of shine and glory to any home.

In addition, I also personally fancy those blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories which can make the living room just spark with elegance and class. It just shouts urban beauty! Everybody is sure to be at awe with its nice design and would want to get the same thing without you saying anything. Now that’s something, don’t you think?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

How They Look Like Now

For those interested, this is more or less how the kids look like now. Zoe is a super doting sister while Luigi is an adorable baby. Luigi is growing so fast! I'm so glad that my breastmilk seems to be doing him a lot of good. He looks so different from the time when he was much chubbier and cuter, to say the least. Yabang, noh?

Speaking of breastmilk, since my maternity leave is about to end, I'm at my wit's end on what to do regarding breastfeeding. I want to continue but I'm just not so sure how I will manage it. Any suggestions?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stay Safe

We have been hearing so many robberies and crime incidents these days on TV. People say it's because Christmas is around the corner and there are many "bad" people again roaming the streets looking for a chance to get easy money.

I actually had been weary of this. I am worried about the possibility of robbers entering our home or hold-upers following us in the mall. That is why apart from limiting our trips to the mall especially this Christmas season, I am planning on installing a complete security system for our house. There is nothing like the feeling of being safe and secured at your own home. For solutions, all you need to do is to either complete a form online or call the number of ADT Home Security System now.

Last November 1...

I took this picture last November 1, All Saints' Day. For a change, we decided to visit my mother's grave during the afternoon up until after the sun had set. Our experience was more serene than usual because the people around seemed quieter and less frenzied. We offered flowers and candles for the soul of my mother and our other loved ones. We prayed the rosary as a family. After that, Zoe wanted to eat so we bought her an ice cream drumstick from a tindero. I remember her saying, "Mommy, masarap ice cream, kasi mahal." Funny. And that's about it. We packed our belongings and went home happy that we were able to spend at least some time to pray to and for my mom and for the other souls in purgatory.

Moving to NY

Moving has never been an easy task for anyone. Just like in the case of my friend who recently moved to NY, it's been hard for him to adjust to the rhythm of city life. Well, good thing that my friend is a TV addict and he can readily divert his anxieties by watching the shows he likes the most on TV. I actually told him that he can have access to the shows regarding his personal interests such as science and sports by getting Direct TV. What's more, he can even invite his new friends to his place so they can watch live games in the Directv sports channel. For example, it would be exciting to be watching the Major League Baseball Championships on TV live, right?

For easy access, I also told him about Direct TV in NY so he'll know the stuff that are available in his new location. I'm very sure that he will find this very helpful indeed.

Zoe's Babbles

The other day, we made our way via commute to Cardinal Santos for my follow-up check-up with the OB. As we passed by a relatively small Iglesia ni Cristo church, Zoe blurted out, "Mommy, Iglesia ni Kristo". Then about a kilometer away, we happened to pass by another INC church but this time it was was blue and bigger (the one near IPI in C-5). Zoe excitedly shouted, pointing at the structure, "Mommy! House ni Mickey Mouse!!!".

Yikes! Shhh! Quiet, Zoe! ;-)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning Something New

I was just talking to my friend who worked for a company as a network administrator and we were discussing our different experiences regarding our work. I told her that before I went on maternity leave, I was thinking of the possibility of me training to learn a HRIS-accounting program that would be very helpful in building my skills in HR Compensation and Benefits as well as in payroll work. You see, our unit recently merged with our employee payroll department and this meant that we would even more closely work with the people who are implementing our payroll scheme. My friend, on the other hand, talked about this new screen locking system that has an auto log off feature that would be very helpful in the work of a network administrator.

Anyway, I just had to smile at our conversation because it all seemed so serious. But I realize that it's great sharing our experiences at work because by this we learn something new even if it's outside our respective profession.

Happy 4th!

Time flies so fast really. Has it really been twelve years since I met you? Has it really been four years since we promised to stay together forever? I still feel so excited to spend the day with you. Everything is still lovely as ever. Everyday, you still make me feel that I made the right the decision, a decision that God has happily led me into.

You are the best husband and daddy. You are my one and only.

Happy 4th anniversary to my dear husband. I love you so, so much!

Our Car is Sick.

More than a month has already passed after we experienced typhoon Ondoy and still our car (which was fully submerged in flood water for 3 days) is still sick. Just like the many cars in our place, our car (which we fondly call Mica) is still not A-ok. We have already brought Mica to the car shop so many times but still, whenever we try to use it, it shows signs that it wants to break down or something like that. My brother in law says that we again need to have the transmission cleaned and properly drained (that is, for the nth time already) plus we need to check the leak in the steering box.

Speaking of steering parts, you can actually avail of parts online via Power Steering Pros. They offer good quality products plus you can avail of free shipping. But you know, I'm not actually sure if they ship to our place. If they do, I'm sure to order a new steering box from them.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gearing Up for Halloween

It's Halloween season once again and we've been awfully excited about Zoe's upcoming Trick or Treat Party and Graduation Day at her Kindermusik Our Time (Wiggles and Giggles) Class this Saturday.

Her teacher advised us to bring her in a costume so we went to the mall last weekend and picked out a nice cutesy costume for our little girl which looks something like this:

Yup, she's going to come in dressed in a Little Red Riding Hood outfit. She tried it out and looks so cute in it. I hope to post the party pics here soon!

Online Find

Now that I'm on the second half stretch of my maternity leave, I have been able to find more time to get some other things done such as read books, do the weekly menu, clean up some clutter, check my email and download helpful informational 'stuff' online. By 'stuff' I would mean downloading and searching for things related to child care, breastfeeding, health, exercise and the like, all of which are at the top of my concerns now. And speaking of online 'stuff', I recently discovered that you can do a Free PDF Search for all of your pdf file search needs. It could help you get to the information that you need quicker and more hassle free. You now don't encounter those unneeded files and webpages that do not lead you to what you really are looking for. I think this is so helpful for busy moms like me.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Day Before I Popped

On the day before I popped......I simply had to enjoy myself. LOL.

We checked in the hospital at around 5pm on September 07, 2009. During dinner time, my hubby and I asked the resident doctor to call my OB for an out-on-pass (tama ba yung term?) so we can still have dinner outside (my last supper!). I was mighty scared of the next day's operation that I believed that having a cozy time with my sweetheart is the only solution to calm my nerves.

Anyway, guess where our shoes led us to?

Our ultimate comfort foods - Hot Ramen, Gyoza, Katsudon and a piece of Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Bwahahaha!!! Here's my last pic before I popped. I would have been (disgustingly) overweight if I hadn't been 40 weeks pregnant. (Update: I've lost most of my preggy weight now but still am a bit overweight for my height..hehe...what else is new?!).

Anyway, I'm now super enjoying being a mommy of two. Will post more updates soon!

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