Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Craving For...

I'm craving for a Veneto Ristorante's Seafood Pesto Pizza so much right now.

Too bad they don't deliver to my house.

It's Not Brain Surgery - Just Do It

I read about this line in one of my books on organization and I must say it's true. To be organized does not have to be like brain surgery. It's actually easy enough. Sometimes, it's only because we overpressurize the situation and focus too much on every small thing that we end up overwhelmed.

I don't know about you but this happens to me all the time. Like when I couldn't find the calling card of this repairman or this distant cousin whom I needed something from. I had already spent too long a time ravaging through my drawers trying to locate their contact details. Good thing I stumbled upon People Locator Services and it made things a lot easier. I just clicked a button and there appears what I needed!

This post sponsored by People Locator Services.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hang In There

Photo credit here.

Here are some tips you may find useful regarding the use of hooks in the house:

1. Use hanging baskets for your fruits (bananas, orange baskets, etc.) and make use of the extra space for your other stuff.

2. Hang your brooms and dust-cleaners. Not only does it maintain its shape, it also extends their "lifespan".

3. Make use of the back of your doors or closets to hang bill/letter organizers.

4. You can make use of your big dolls to hang your necklaces and other accesories.

5. Hang potpourri bags in your bathroom to make it smelling fresh and clean!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Me? Well, here's what happened.

Friday Highlights:
1. Got to buy a new blouse from Bayo while I passed by the mall on the way home.
2. Paid my cellphone bill.
3. Bought Zoe's vitamins.

Saturday Highlights:
1. Went to mass early in the morning.
2. Surfed the net (felt the earthquake while bloghopping, so I stopped).
3. Played with Zoe.
4. Took a nap (my head really, really ached!).
5. Had a pedicure (good thing my manucurista was available).
6. Organized my pantry. Got rid of two expired oatmeal packs...bad, bad, bad.
6. Slept early. Bliss!

Sunday Highlights:
1. Morning mass with whole family.
2. Bought peachy-peachy.
3. Went to visit my mother in law.
4. Brought home kare-kare from my MIL. Yum-yum!
5. Went to pray to my mom in the cemetery (brought her flowers).
6. Shopped for blouses in SM and Kamiseta.
7. Had a haircut (after 6 long months!!!!) - I love it!
8. Grocery shopping good for two weeks.
9. Paid the electric bill (half-heartedly).
10. Prepared weekly menu.

Hey, I think I accomplished a lot! Looking forward to this week's adventure!

Got to be Slim Again

I was just browsing through my wedding pictures and am still in awe on how slim I was back then. During those days, I only weighed around 115 lbs. Actually, I still lost some pounds before I got married because I did not fit in my wedding gown around two months before. Because of my determination to fit in my gown, I made it a point to exercise regularly and regulate my meals. No, I did not resort to a tummy tuck back then. I was so fixated in losing weight that time that it happened even without any medical intervention.

But since I got pregnant and gave birth, my body changed drastically, I must say. I really gained a lot during that time. I think I exceeded the weight gain limit because I gained around 40 lbs. during my pregnancy! The weight gain was not because the baby was big but because I was big and the rest of me swelled like crazy. My nose was big and my feet grew by two inches. No need for breast augmentation because my size increased by 4 inches, I think. Actually, I did not want to have my picture taken at all during those times. It's not that I hated how I looked like because I carry on for my love for the baby. It's only because I only want to have memories of the time that I looked good and I was slim and not the opposite.

How do I go back to my old body again? Or maybe the better question is, can I still go back to my slim self again? I have almost considered having liposuction but I simply have to stop myself because we are actually planning again for another baby this year. When I do get pregnant again, I promise myself to watch what I eat (meaning less fat and less salt for me) less I balloon again and gain weight unnecessarily. I'm going to do this because from experience, I know that what you gain now will be harder to lose after.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Call me 'atat' but I've actually started reading this book just in case God hears our prayers for baby #2 this year. Actually, to be honest, I don't have much recall anymore of what happened to me on the first few months when I had Zoe. Everything was sort of a daze that time! I was just writing bits and pieces in my preggo blog (not much there) and blame it too on the general anaesthesia during my CS operation for forgetting so much!

I really hope this book will return my lost pregnancy neurons or at least gear me up for what hopefully lies ahead.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Turning a House Into a Home

Do you know the song "A House is Not a Home"? Well, it's a pretty old song and maybe people of this generation are not really familiar with it.

I got to learn about this song in one of our English (or was it Home Economics?) class back in high school. I still remember our teacher (forgot her name but she was dark, had big a big nose, black eyes and straight hair) playing the song in her battery-operated cassette player one sleepy afternoon in school.

The song goes like this:

A chair is still a chair
Even when there's no one sitting there
But a chair is not a house
And a house is not a home
When there's no one there to hold you tight,
And no one there you can kiss good night.

A room is still a room
Even when there's nothing there but gloom;
But a room is not a house,
And a house is not a home
When the two of us are far apart
And one of us has a broken heart.

Now and then I call your name
And suddenly your face appears
But it's just a crazy game
When it ends it ends in tears.

Darling, have a heart,
Don't let one mistake keep us apart.
I'm not meant to live alone. Turn this house into a home.
When I climb the stair and turn the key,
Oh, please be there still in love with me.

I don't know why I always associate this song with house blessings. I guess because, whatever kind of ceremony you are happy with, house blessings for me are very much like the rite of passage into turning your house into a home. Blessing your home is like saying that you are letting God be the center of your home. After that, the real test of making your house into a home is now in the way the members of the family try to love each other day in and day out.

This post sponsored by Rabbi Yitzhak Miller.

Money Matters

Just a short anecdote.

We started last week with some extra money in our bank account and I was looking forward to saving it up. However, there were many unexpected expenses that came during the week (my Dad's MIL passed away, Zoe got sick, Francis' dad asked for fin. help). To make the long story short, there goes our extra money!

In this regard, my husband told me something that made me laugh and think which I want to put down here in Filipino - "Ang pera parang COKE, kung hindi SAKTO, ZERO."

How true! Don't worry, be happy! :-)

Hate Those Prank Calls

We have been getting prank calls lately wherein the person calls and then immediately hangs up. He or she does this repeatedly and then sometimes even makes the most irritable noise upon hanging up the phone. In addition, this person takes delight in calling even during the wee hours in the morning or very late at night, eventually disturbing the whole household. Because of this, I'm going to check out Caller Identifier to find out once and for all who the person is and stop getting calls from him/her really soon!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Something About Me...


1. Add your blog/s to the list. Feel free to add all your other blogs. It’s okey if you only post this questions in one blog as long as you answer them.
2. Get back to ME and I’ll add your blogs to the master’s list HERE {Note that you are not ALLOWED to change this links and make sure to leave the exact URL.}
3. Copy from Start to End.
4. Tag as many friends online you know. But you don’t need to be tag in order to join.

Who played along:1. Music of my Heart 2. Me and Mine 3. Creative in Me 4. For the LOVE of Food 5. Little Peanut 6. Pea in a Pod 7. It’s Where the HEART Is 8. Around the World 9. Quicker8 10. Eds Mommy Life 11. My Precious Niche 12. Just Me.. Eds 13. Princess Vien 14. In The Spirit of Dance 15. A Pocketful of Happiness 16. 1 Twelve St. 17. House Everything 18. On a Wonderful Day Life Today 19. YOUR BLOG HERE

Questions and Answers:

1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, find line 4. Write down what it says:
"If you file papers because you have to get them out of the way, you will hate filing." Hmmm.
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What do you touch first?
My coffee mug.
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Umagang Kay Ganda on Channel 2.
4. WITHOUT LOOKING, guess what time it is:
2:15 p.m.
5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
2:19 p.m.
6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
My boss' radio.
7. When did you last step outside? what were you doing?
I went out of the building to go to lunch hour mass.
8. Before you came to this website, what did you look at?
SR. :-)
9. What are you wearing?
Black blazer, white blouse and aquamarine skirt.
10. Did you dream last night?
Yes, unfortunately, it was a bad dream. :-(
11. When did you last laugh?
Last night. Zoe's antics are so funny.
12. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Paintings...I work at the Executive Office.
13. Seen anything weird lately?
Yeah I think.
14. What do you think of this quiz?
It's alright (thanks Dyes!!!).
15. What is the last movie you saw?
Ooohh, I can't remember.
16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy first?
A new car probably.
17. Tell me something about you that I don’t know:
I have so many things in the mind right now.
18. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
Let all those pro-abortion peeps go home to their families and hope they realize the worth of their families.
19. Do you like to dance?
Yes, belly dancing!
20. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her? a boy?
My daughter's name is Zxx Vxx.
21. Would you ever consider living abroad?
Well not really, but we wish to travel the world. :-)

Passing this tag to everyone. Thanks again Dyes for this one!

Line of Credit Needs

We have been busy over the weekend because of various family concerns. First, my Dad's mother in law passed away last week and we went to the province to condole with them. We brought along Zoe thinking that she would enjoy the long ride and the scenery. We later on regretted our decision of bringing Zoe because on the way home, she started not to feel well. By the time we got home, she was feverish and some red rashes were appearing in her face and arms. Maybe it was due to the dust and dirt in my Dad's new house. Anyway, early the next day, Zoe's face was so red because of the rash and she did not feel well at all. We had to bring her to the hospital for a check up and for some laboratory tests. Good thing, she's now feeling better now and the rash and fever are now gone.

During these times, I really feel the urge to just be a stay-at-home mom. If only I can resign from my work after I get a Line of Credit to be able to start a small food business. I know that getting an Unsecured Small Business Loan is easy enough. Personal Loans are readily available in the market and even online. The real problem lies on what type of food I want to sell and the place or venue where I can put up my stall or business.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in the Grind

Yeah, I decided to go back to work today even if the baby is not fully recovered from her sickness yet. At least, I've spend one whole day taking care of her and making sure she feels better.

Although I really feel lonely and guilty for leaving the little girl with the yaya at home, I know that I should just lift up to God all these difficulties. As St. Pio, whose feastday is September 23, said, "Pray, hope and don't worry!"

I'm sure my dear Zoe will get her health back in no time. :-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Are you single? Well, when I was single, I believed that my Mr. Right would just come one day and sweep me off my feet. Actually, I was just feeling lucky to have to guts to trust on myself that much (thank God it did happen). Anyway, for those who want to be more active in their search for that "guy", you can actually check out a site where singles girls can meet Black Males and vice versa.

This Post Sponsored by Blackscene.com.

Sick Again

My darling baby is sick again so I decided to go on leave from the office today. My motto: FAMILY FIRST. :-) Nevermind if I have tons of work to do in the office.

Meeting Interesting People

I've always been fascinated by the Jewish people that I often generalize them as a people with extreme talent and gifts (they were not called the Chosen People for nothing). Aside from the famous Albert Einstein, among other known modern-day Jewish Men which I truly admire are Harrison Ford, Cary Grant, Billy Joel, Dustin Hoffman and many others.

How I would love to meet interesting people like them someday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Peach Mango Ref Cake


2 packs of graham crackers
1 can of peach halves (cut into small pieces)
2 pieces of fresh mangoes
4 packs of all-purpose cream (chilled)
1 can of condensed milk
1 tablespoon of melted butter


Mix the melted butter, 1 can of condensed milk and 4 packs of Nestle cream in a bowl. Then in a slightly greased pan, apply 1 layer of the cream mixture then apply 1 layer of Graham crackers. Add some peach and mango bits (make sure you drain the canned peaches well). Repeat layering until the container is filled, covering the top layer with the cream mixture. Decorate with some thinly-sliced peaches. Freeze as needed and thaw 2 hours before consumption.

Notes of experience:

Mango puree (readily available in the supermarket) can be an alternative to fresh mangoes during off-season months. I also sometimes add chocolate shavings or other fruits such as lychees or banana in-between the layers for variety. :-) Happy eating!

No Joke!

I admit that I can be very serious at times. That's my personality. However, I do enjoy having jokes with my husband and friends every now and then. I particularly like listening to animal jokes and nerdy jokes. The only problem is, I really don't know how to throw a punch line myself. So even if I had memorized a joke, I am the one who ruins it because I always end up being the first to laugh.


Another Great Online Tool

I currently have a three-fold role in the home: as wife, mother and homemaker. Actually, my job description can be more suitably called SUPERWOMAN. And becoming one is definitely no joke. I have to learn to juggle my time between priorities in order to keep the home in good working condition and my family happy.

That is why I'm just so glad to hear about Shopwiki and how they can be my newest online help in the fulfillment of my roles. This site can really help me a lot in my home and garden needs. It can give me huge assistance in home management through it's informative, step-by-step and basic guides regarding home improvement, house wares, tools, and many more. How neat is that?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Favorite Party Pic of Zoe

We're so glad that our guests really enjoyed Zoe's 2nd birthday party. But best of all, there's nothing like seeing your kid burst into laughter like THIS!


Looking For Love

Dating now has never been the same. Unlike a few years back, courtship was practiced the traditional way. But now, dating has come to a new level. People now can meet and date online, would you believe? There is even this site where Goth-type of girls actually meet Goth Guys. Isn't fascinating to hear about this?

Sad News.

I heard my mobile phone ringing at 1:00 a.m. earlier today and saw that my Dad was calling. I was kinda half-awake when I answered the phone and ended up wide-wake upon hearing him say that my Ninang's mother just passed away (after having a heart attack) a few minutes before that.

It's really sad to hear about this especially when we just saw "Inay" a few weeks ago when my Dad and Ninang brought her to our house to visit us. I even remember that we all had to help her out to get inside the house since she sports an artificial leg (yes, she lost her leg due to diabetes a few years back). We all tried to make her laugh so that she will not get scared going up to our house.

Now she now walks with God.

For the readers out there, kindly say a li'l prayer for Inay (her full name is Magdalena Perez). Thank you.

More on Losing Weight...

As I posted before, our gym membership at Gold's just recently expired and we did not anymore renew. I honestly do not have the same drive as those ladies I see at the gym who, even if they're alone, can maintain a good hour or so of exercise. But of course, not all are interested in just exercising. Many ladies there are enrolled because they are also interested in seeing the celebrities and good looking guys at the gym. You see, our gym is flocked by a lot of celebrities and models. But those celebrities really do not interact with the others so I guess it's better for those ladies to just join Fitness Dating wherein fitness enthusiasts like them can socialize and meet online.

Gimme, Gimme

Zoe's really beginning to act like a 2-year old (if you know what I mean!).

Waiting For That Call

My husband and I have been exchanging text messages all morning about my career plans for the next few months or so. I told him that I've been aching to find myself a job that is nearer to our home to be able to spend more quality time to our daughter. Actually, I have been applying already to some companies and now awaiting for their call. But sometimes, I don't always get to my phone as soon as I hear it ringing that's why I panic a little when the number of the phone that has been calling me does not register as part of my list of contacts. I worry that it may be one of those companies which I sent an application to. I really wish I had known about Mobile Phone Reverse Lookup even before so that that I am able to check who my unknown callers were and never miss a job opportunity.

Getting to the Roots of Disorganization

One thing I learned this week that's worth noting:

Our messy behavior may have deep roots that need to be considered. We can't move forward until we fully understand the origin of our resistance.

Hmmm...I guess I have to look back on my attitude and get to the bottom of things.


While I was dressing up this morning, I heard on TV about this girl who went to personally see the guys she was chatting with online only to get raped in the end. It's such a sad, sad story. Many girls can be so naive, really. However, I also have heard and seen people who have only good experience about online dating and chatting. They really ended up liking each other enough to see each other and marry! One of those sites my friends are joining are the Catholic Chatrooms where they meet Catholics like themselves. So I guess it's always better to start within a common ground when it comes to dating, either online or personally.

Belly Dancing

photo credit: http://www.missbellydance.com/

Did I tell you that I recently joined this belly dancing class with some mommies? Well hey, I had a super wonderful time! I haven't sweat like that for some time now so I'm really looking forward to this Saturday's class.

Anyone interested to join me? The class is good for those who live near the Cainta/Pasig area. Class starts at 8:00 am every Saturday and is only for 90 bucks per session.

Paying It Forward

I learned about the value of being generous early on in my life. First and foremost, I owe it mostly to my dear parents for showing me a good example of how to be detached from material things and learn how to give (even if it hurts) just to help out someone in need.

You see, not all of our relatives have a good standing in life. Many of them, especially those in the countryside, rely much on their other family members who have jobs in the metro, in order to live by. But being not-so-well-off does not mean that they are not hardworking and good people. In fact, they are hardworking and good. Maybe it's just that God destined them to be in that class and status in life.

Anyway, rich or poor, I've always believed everybody has the capacity to help others. It's more of a gift, really. This means that whatever status in society you are currently in, every one is given a chance by God to be able to exercise that gift of charity. The rich may be able to give more in terms of money or in kind while the poor can only give a little. For the poor, on the other hand, they are still able to help by offering something still very important and valuable such as their time, their concern, or their assistance.

In spiritual terms, the value of what you give can be measured according to the sacrifice you make to give that something for the others. So if someone if knocking on your door for help, don't just think of giving their money. Maybe they need more than that. Maybe they need your empathy and a listening ear.

My Cousin's Getting Married!

It's now only a few weeks left before my favorite cousin Net will get married to her long-time boyfriend Edward. I wish you both congratulations and best wishes! We really want to be there with you to celebrate this special event of your lives but it's just not possible for us to fly to the US now.

Anyway, for my other cousins there in Wisconsin and Illinois, I had been wanting to tell them about this online help to Locate Wisconsin Sex Offenders. Knowing about this site would greatly help them be more aware and more careful in their surroundings.

I'm Ready...

I just came back from a very heavy lunch at Paseo Uno in Mandarin Oriental and found myself near to barfing at the way back to the office. Maybe it's because my stomach wasn't used anymore to my eating a lot because for the past days, I have been monitoring what I eat and have been trying my best to eat less. Maybe I've gotten a little used to not eating a lot that's why my stomach now is misbehaving.

So from now on, I can honestly tell myself that I'm ready to diet again and lose some weight for a greater benefit: better health in case I get pregnant again and a slimmer and fitter body. :0)

Protect Your Children

Sometimes, parents get too lax in looking after their own children that sometimes bad things happen to them. It has always the responsibility of the parents to look after them and make sure that they are safe. Aside from not letting your young kid out of your sight, an added benefit especially in this age of the internet is that parents can now Locate Florida Sex Offenders for their protection.

On a Date Again...

Just like good ol' times when we were just bf/gf, we headed last Friday to The Fort for a date-gimmick.

On the way to Pier 1, I was able to snatch a few pics of the Dinosaur exhibit...

...while Hun talked to his boss on the phone. LOL.

For dinner, we had our usual Pork Sisig and Kare-kare. Definitely yummy!


After dinner, we went for a quick stroll at Bonifacio High Street and picked up these...

Havi's of the same style! This purchase was actually inspired by our matching white slippers at Sonya's Garden.

Love you Hunny...forever.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Tagaytay Adventure Part 4

On Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008, we woke up to a great morning. The weather was perfect and Zoe loved the view outside.

We watched some TV first before we went down for breakfast.

After a quick breakfast, we headed to the nearby Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Church to attend Sunday mass. After the mass, we had an early check out at the hotel and decided to pass by People's Park before going home.

We left the car at the parking lot below the People's Park and hopped on a jeepney for rent to get to the top. It was Zoe's first jeepney ride ever so I just had to take her pic. :-)

A view from the top!

I was surprised to find souvenir items for sale inside the ruins of old Palace in the Sky coz I haven't really been back there for the longest time.

Of course, this whole trip wouldn't really be complete without passing by the replica of the statue of Our Lady, Mother of Fair Love. Besides, it was going to be her birthday the next day (Sept. 8) so praying before her statue was so apt.

My first real encounter with Our Lady of Fair Love was during my trip to Spain many years ago. The original statue is in the campus of the University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain. I still remember praying for her intercession to grant me a good and faithful (and gwapo!) husband. And then I heard about this place in Tagaytay. My friends and I would make pilgrimages here (asking again for a boyfriend pa rin!). Haha. Now, I'm finally back (with my husband and baby). I'm forever grateful to our Lady for leading my husband to me and vise versa. :-)

After that, we all headed back home. Had a short stop-over at Rowena's for their tarts and then to Paseo de Santa Rosa again for lunch in Jollibee.

We were back home by 2:00 pm. :-) It was a great, great vacation!

US, Here They Come!

Just received the good news that my Tatay and Ninang finally went to their interview at the US embassy today and were approved to travel with 10-years multiple entry visas.

Isn't that great? I'm so happy for them, especially for my Dad.

Now, I guess we're next! I hope we get approved too. I'm still not so confident to apply since my major foreign travel was still when I was fully-dependent on my parents. Maybe we can try by mid next year. But first, on to our more important "family project" first. ;-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tagaytay Adventure Part 3

So this is part 3 of our Tagaytay Adventure. For part 1 and part 2, click on the links.

After going to Paradizoo, we headed for Silang, Cavite where Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm is located. I have never been to that place so I was looking forward to buying and trying out their natural products.

Good thing I had a map with me and we didn't have a hard time looking for this "liblib' place.

Here are some of my purchases.

After a long tiring trip from Ilog Maria, we decided to leave Zoe and yaya at the hotel so that they can rest a bit while the husband and I go to Sonya's Garden for our scheduled couple's spa.

The linens and towels smelled really good and the whole room has a very calming atmosphere. It was perfect after a long day of travel.

Aaaahhhh! Super-refreshed!

After the spa, we dropped by Mushroomburger to take out dinner (yeah, we just ate everything in the hotel since Zoe and yaya were waiting for us).

Anyway, we capped the night early as this was supposed to be a VACATION!!! LOL.


...will be back with part 4!

Friday, September 12, 2008

FunDay Friday!

Yahoo! It's Friday! Thanks Jannesse for reminding me to enjoy my Friday and the rest of the weekend.

Seeking Greener Pastures

One of Zoe's godfather is my husband's good childhood friend. Back when he was in Manila, he used to work for the government in some construction projects. He migrated a few years back and is now already based in New Jersey and working as a medical assistant in a hospital. His mother also used to work as a medical assistant in that same hospital and our friend was lucky enough to be employed there too. I heard that when he first arrived in the United States, he learned that he had to take up some online courses first. He chanced upon some medical assistant schools and decided to enroll in order to get accepted in a good job at the hospital.

Anyway, the latest news we've heard about our friend is that he also found love online. He recently got hitched to a nurse who is based in the Middle East. Since they had decided to tie the knot and live together, they now have plans to move to Canada and start their family there.

Banana-Eating Baby

Zoe reminds me so much of my mom (may she rest in peace). You see my dear Nanay loves bananas so much that during her retirement party in the school where she taught for 30 years, the teachers prepared a banana-party for her, meaning, they brought in all the different types of banana you can think of. I'm sure she had the time of her life. :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here Comes Halloween!

My husband and I were on leave on Zoe's actual birthday last Tuesday. We decided to bring her out to the mall and to then to the zoo in the afternoon. During our stay at the mall, we went around this huge toy store. I thought it would be good for her to try out the different toys and ride-ons and see which ones interest her. She was brimming with excitement at first. She literally ran towards the store and was all over the place. However, after a few minutes, she quickly returned to look for me. Her mood suddenly changed. She hugged me, asked to be carried and wouldn't let go. When we looked around, we realized that she had seen several scary mannequins at the middle of the store donning adult Halloween costumes. Indeed, they looked very terrifying especially for a toddler like Zoe. In addition to this, the store has already been filled with lots of Halloween decorations such as bats, cobwebs, lighted pumpkins, ugly masks, photos of ghosts - the works! They are also selling various types of Costume for kids and toddlers. They are also offering sexy Halloween costumes for mommies who are also interested to buy.

And so since the baby was scared, her Daddy veered her around the store where there were other types of goods. I then took the opportunity to look around for Halloween stuff. Honestly, I couldn't decide what type of costume will be good for Zoe's trick or treat party this year. I have already seen many interesting things online and looking around the store will only make me all the more confused. Of course, it's because I want Zoe to wear a very nice costume that could win her best costume! What mother does not want that, right?

So before we get ready for early Christmas shopping, we should be getting ready first with this year's Trick or Treat party come November! Happy shopping Mommies!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tagaytay Adventure Part 2

After resting a while in our hotel room, we headed to Mendez, Cavite to go to Paradizoo.

The entrance fee is P199 per person. Kinda pricey but the experience I think is worthwhile.

It was drizzling a bit when we got there.

You have the option to rent a carabao or a golf cart (with driver) to go around the complex.

Daddy had to carry Zoe to get to the place where the farm animals were.

Do you remember Peggy, the pig of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition? She's actually now in this farm.

They also have a small bee farm and this guy gave us a short lecture about bees and honey. He also sold to us some honey-pineapple vinegar.

They also have a butterfly sanctuary.

Too bad, we only saw a couple of butterflies.

More animals...

They also have BUL-TEZ-FIVE, a 5-legged cow. :0)

Zoe seems to have enjoyed seeing all these animals...

More stories coming up!

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