Friday, October 5, 2012

House Project: Stairway Cabinet and Book Collection

I had the chance last weekend to do some spring cleaning at home. It was nice and exciting (and surprising!) to finally have some time to do this. 

For this time, I tackled our ever-neglected shelf which is found at end of our stairway going up to the attic. I had already accumulated inches of dust and I could no longer see what really in there. And so, I had to organize it, clean it up and in the process, throw away many things. It was so liberating to see it back in order after so many months!


The next thing I did was to gather some of my pocket books. I have more than 50 of them and it's so disorganized. I actually want to sell them already since I already have an e-book for most of my Agatha Christie titles. Anyone interested?

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