Friday, September 25, 2009

The Day Before I Popped

On the day before I popped......I simply had to enjoy myself. LOL.

We checked in the hospital at around 5pm on September 07, 2009. During dinner time, my hubby and I asked the resident doctor to call my OB for an out-on-pass (tama ba yung term?) so we can still have dinner outside (my last supper!). I was mighty scared of the next day's operation that I believed that having a cozy time with my sweetheart is the only solution to calm my nerves.

Anyway, guess where our shoes led us to?

Our ultimate comfort foods - Hot Ramen, Gyoza, Katsudon and a piece of Krispy Kreme doughnut!

Bwahahaha!!! Here's my last pic before I popped. I would have been (disgustingly) overweight if I hadn't been 40 weeks pregnant. (Update: I've lost most of my preggy weight now but still am a bit overweight for my height..hehe...what else is new?!).

Anyway, I'm now super enjoying being a mommy of two. Will post more updates soon!

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