Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Again!

Just today, I saw that something in my Dad's bathroom has been leaking again. The water from the bottom of the toilet tank has been dripping again unto the floor and it has been causing not only a true wastage of precious water but it is also causing the tiles to be subject to grout, discoloration and mold (which I really hate, by the way). I still remember having that problem fixed a few months back but now it's again, well, problematic. So I guess the person we got to fix it wasn't really good. He was actually just a person our maid got from around the neighborhood and I don't really know if he is really a plumber by profession. Probably he is only a "construction worker" or an all-around and not really a "specialist" when it comes to plumbing matters.

Anyway, if you don't want this to happen to you as well, better get the excellent and reliable services of a good professional plumber and not just anybody that you find around the corner. You can ask your relatives for referrals on persons who can offer you quality service that is always guaranteed. And if you are in the San Antonio and Charlotte areas, I recommend that you check out the service of a San Antonio Plumber or a Charlotte Plumber. If I were you, I'll do that now. I already learned my lesson and I will be depending on professional plumbing services from now on.

Overcoming my Food Cravings

Today, I had the worse craving for a moist chocolate cake and fried tilapia (to be eaten separately, of course).

It's so weird that I couldn't get it off my mind, nor my system...THE WHOLE FREAKIN' MORNING!

And since I had no immediate "solution" for my cravings, I went down the canteen during lunch and bought these for myself:

I know, bad decision. Now my cravings are intensified all the more!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Men's hobbies and tactical markers

Men will always be men. That's what I learned being married for almost 4 years. And very much like the usual "man", my husband can really be into men's hobbies and sports. He is definitely into what people would call "toys for the big boys". This, more often than not, pertain to cars, car accessories, paintball or airsoft guns or tactical markers, expensive sports items such as golf sets, etc. etc. The list is endless and not to mention pretty expensive.

Anyway, apart from his decade-long interest in baseball and basketball, my husband is also into all of these things: cars, guns and gadgets. He loves baseball and could spend hours watching a baseball game. He even played it way back when. He also likes to play basketball when he gets the chance. As for cars, it is quite obvious that he likes cars and likes driving. Now, he has been telling me that he should buy a gun or maybe a new set of tactical markers so he can join his friends in a firing game or in paintball. Are you serious, Hunny?

Speaking of tactical markers, I found a site wherein you can find the best brands of paintball guns and accessories at conveniently reasonable prices. It's a site for paintball hobbyists and sports fanatics who really take the game seriously.

Making your weekly menu work

For the past couple of weeks, we have been trying to really follow our weekly menu plan for the family and although so far, so good, we've also come across some bumps along the way.

After analyzing it, here are the points that need improvement:

1. If part of your aim is to save some bucks by doing this exercise, you need to make a meal plan that avoids buying expensive ingredients such as meat, out-of-season vegetables and the like. Rather, it's better to make use of the "kitchenomics" method wherein you can benefit from cheap but nutritious ingredients such as vegetables and other helpful extenders and not necessarily having an all-meat dish or something like that.

2. You have to make clear with the cook (or the helper) on how you want the meal done especially if the dish is new to her. Having experienced some communication problems with our helper, I always have to make it a point to show her or tell her clearly how things are done. Sometimes kasi, what you think as common sense may not be so common after all.

3. If you are doing the grocery only once a week, make sure that you prioritize cooking the more perishable goods ahead of the other foods. For example, I've seen the helper throw out some vegetables in the trash because it already wilted even before it's scheduled to be cooked. In addition, maybe you can also emphasize the need to be flexible, i.e. she should take the initiative too to cook a vegetable or meat or fish already to avoid it from becoming "non-edible" in time.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Being a Backseat Driver

Knowing how to drive, one of my personal weaknesses is being a bad backseat driver. I don't know what's with me but I really have this tendency to be at the edge of my seat whenever someone else does the driving for me. Being a backseat driver is a real nightmare for any driver. It can cause the driver to be irritated and even out of focus and this may cause accidents on the road such as unexpected collisions with other cars. Oh by the way, for auto collision repairs, you can go to a reliable Los Angeles Auto Body repair shop for work that's guaranteed.

Anyway, in one occasion, I was a bad backseat driver and my Dad was the one holding the wheel. Dad got really pissed off with me because I kept nagging him about the direction he should take. Anyway, because of my constant nagging, we suddenly hit a tricycle in one of a village's dark intersection. I screamed so loud! The tricycle hit the edge of our car and it went directly to the gutter, hurting the driver a bit. Good thing that he had no passengers. At any rate, I felt really guilty. It was a double whammy because it damaged both our car and the tricycle.

So now, being conscious of this weakness of mine, I really try my best every single day to avoid making comments or instructions to the driver (especially when it's my Dad or my husband) because I know that it pisses them off to the max. I definitely don't want to be the cause of any accident or other kinds of road mishaps.

June 26

The date June 26 has always been a very special day for me and my family. That day is the feast day of St. Josemaria Escriva, "our Father" as we would fondly call him.

June 26 was also my parents' wedding anniversary.

St. Josemaria died on June 26, 1975. My parents, on the other hand, wed on June 26, 1971. For so many years, my family and I would celebrate this day with a mass dedicated to St. Josemaria at the Manila Cathedral. My sister (when she still resided in Manila) and I would often be part of the choir who would sing in the choir during the mass. That alone, was a super great experience for me! That was where I learned how to sing Gregorian Chant (Misa de Angelis) and many, many wonderful liturgical songs. My sister, who finished from the Conservatory of Music in UP, would in some of the years, be the conductor of the choir and my parents and I were so mighty proud of her.

Anyway, St. Josemaria has, more often than not, interceded for my special needs and that of my family. He has always been and will always be part of our family devotions. I am forever grateful to Him. I know that he has helped my mother a lot during her last days on earth and had somehow showed her the way to Heaven. And for us who are still here struggling, he has been a great example on how to live your life for God.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Four Easy Steps

On the way to work today, we passed by this car showroom. My husband and I just drooled over this new car model that seems to be perfect for our growing family. I think we are already nearing that stage wherein we are both ready to give up our old red car and exchange it for a bigger and better car. Besides, it's only like two months to go before baby boy comes along and we definitely need more room when we travel as a family.

If you are like us and are thinking of finally getting the new car that you need so badly, then I can tell you that getting to that objective only takes four easy steps. Now you can get and enjoy a new car in four easy steps. Yes! It's true.

If you are on the lookout for great Auto Title Loans, there is no better place to look but online. All you need to do is apply online (or make that call, if you may), get an approval, receive the money after an hour and then headed out to enjoy the money. Of course, you better have a good credit standing to qualify.

In particular, if you reside in the California area, there are several locations that are proximate to you and your place of residence. There are quick and easy Auto Title Loans Hayward and Auto Title Loans Fresno. Moreover, you can also choose several other offices in California such as in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Sacramento.

Decluttering Targets

I read this from my regular Messies email ~

Two of the junkiest places in our lives - and the hardest to declutter - are:

• Useless papers in file drawers
• Excess emails (old and new, read and unread)

Raising my hand on those points!!!

I sure am guilty as charged. No excuses!

But I'm starting over and over again...for the better.

House Make-over

We were watching an episode of Extreme Make-over (House Edition) at a certain cable tv channel the other day and we were so impressed by the way the tv show hosts were able to transform an old shabby house into something out of the ordinary.

Just imagine -- the featured house was old, dusty, dirty and dangerous (according to safety standards). In fact, I don't think I can ever sleep soundly in a house like that. Good thing for the family who owns the place, that TV show came to their rescue. Thus, at the end of the show, not only was their house was looking overall like brand new, it was now sturdier and definitely more safe to live it. Moreover, it was furnished too with the classiest cabinets, furniture and home decors. No wonder that the featured family was ecstatic!

Anyway, for reliable home makeovers and remodeling projects, better be sure to trust only a reliable Minneapolis Remodeling company to do the job for you. Whether it's for an indoor renovation or an outdoor project, they are there to make things better for you and your family. They may also put an added touch to your home and make it more beautiful and safer to live in. Just check out their webpage, leave your name and contact numbers or email address. They will get in touch with you in no time.

One-day Break

Because of the headache I got upon waking up and just to get rid of my anxiety over the surrounding influenza A (h1n1) scare, I decided to get one-day off from work today. School was out too because of a typhoon signal number two (which wasn't evident in the skies).

Aside from napping, we also went to my ob-gyne to advance my monthly check-up. I was so surprised to learn that I even lost weight even if my tummy obviously grew. I guess my dessert and soda ban really worked for me. Hihi!

I'll be going back to the hospital on July 08 for a biophysical assessment and a non-stress test. I guess I'll have to take another leave then. Yipee!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Classy Bathroom

One of the best things about the internet is definitely online shopping. Never in my mind did I imagine that you can actually buy or build almost anything with a click of a mouse.

Among the many things which you can buy online (and not regret it!) are elegant and beautiful things for your home. In particular, you can actually design and build your bathrooms, and classy ones at that, just by browsing through the internet and making safe online transactions.

For a homeowner like me, a good quality bathroom is a must. When we were building our house, I searched almost endlessly for the best bathroom accessories that would fit my criteria for quality, price and design. My point is, you spend so much time working all day. Thus, to at least care for yourself, one of the things that you can invest in is a good classy bathroom where you can bathe in and relax. A good luxurious bath is definitely a stress-remover, if you ask me. That is why we made sure that our bathrooms only has the best cabinets, accesories, showers and tubs that one can imagine.

I want this for baby boy

I saw this cute Jansport bag at The Container Store and I love it! I think it's perfect for lugging around the stuff of baby boy. You see, all the bags that we use for carrying Zoe's stuff are in the generic baby girl print and we currently do not have anything that's for baby boy's stuff. It's big but it's light plus with this design, I don't think my husband would mind carrying it around. :-)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guaranteed Repairs

My friend and I have been sort of debating on how reliable it is to get the services of a repair shop from a number taken out of the yellow pages. You see, I want to have our air-conditioning and our refrigerator checked but the problem is where to get a good service man to do the assessment and repair for us.
My friend pointed out that you at least have to have someone who can really vouch for the work of any particular appliance repair shop before you can entrust the job to them. Apparently, he had a bad experience before wherein he contracted the service of someone, coming in only as a walk-in client. It turned out that he paid for a service that was not guaranteed at all. Not only was he ultimately charged double, the worse part was that the HVAC broke down again in a matter of days and he had to take it somewhere else.

Anyway, my friend advised me to first scrutinize well the person whom I want to bring my appliances to for checking before paying anything or entering into a service contract. Now for those in the Orlando area, he suggested that you obtain the services of an Orlando HVAC Air Conditioning contractor. They are reliable and can give you quick and guaranteed repairs, all the time.

Happy Thoughts, Happy Thoughts

I don't know what it is with pregnancy that makes me feel so susceptible to various forms of anxiety.

You see, I have been feeling so anxious lately about this new virus going around in the country and in the world. In particular, the school where our helper's son is going has already report two positive cases of the virus. And now that he is likewise having fever, cough and colds right now, I am pretty much "scared" to be exposed to the virus. I am scared for myself, my unborn baby, my 2-year old daughter, my husband and the rest of the members of the household. I kept saying to Him, "Oh God, please spare us!!" and leave it all up to him.

We really do not know a lot about it, how it is spread and it affects. Those are the reasons why I feel anxious. I definitely do not want to be the next victim. Anyway, I hope not to lose hope . I want to believe that prayer can be so much powerful than any virus in the world.

Thus, let us not be fearful. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Safety Precautions

We just received a notice from our homeowner's association regarding some safety precautions that homeowners like us need to keep in mind in order to avoid any untoward incidents from happening such as fire, car-napping, robbery, and other modus operandi by criminals that could be going around the area.

Some of the tips are the following:

1. Install energy saving lights (CFL or compact flourescent lamps) on dark areas around your house perimeter.

2. If you have to park your car outside, park it on a well-lighted side of the street.

3. Install a car alarm if you do not have one.

4. Instruct family members and household helpers to be on the lookout for suspicious-looking individuals, vehicles or motorcycles and report such incidents to our security as soon as possible.

5. Be wary of prank callers, most especially callers informing that a family member had an accident and needs money to be brought to a specific location.

6. Regularly have a Baltimore Electrician check your home electric wiring. As much as possible, get the service of a licensed electrician to do all your electric and house wiring needs. Indeed, making sure that all your electrical connections are done properly prevents the occurrence of fire and lets you have restful nights all the time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Craving Again

My husband and I have been dining out quite often lately but still the list of my food cravings seems to be endlessly growing. :-)

This week, I definitely want to eat PIZZA!

Where do you think should we go for that great PIZZA experience?

Hunny, can you guess what I'm thinking?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

House Plumbing

When I was single and younger, I never seem to worry about anything around the house. But now, we are now the ones tasked to make sure that everything is doing well.

For one, all the kitchen sinks and bathrooms in the house should be A-ok! To count it all, we have a total of 3 kitchen sinks and 4 bathrooms. And oh, we also have a huge bathtub that needs maintenance too. Just thinking of these numbers makes me feel faint. It's because as a responsible homeowner and home manager, I have to make sure that all of these areas are regularly cleaned, maintained and in good working condition. I cannot just let it pass that we have a dripping faucet or a toilet that's not working. It's simply not a characteristic of a good responsible homeowner.

Thus, for the maintenance and repairs of our bathrooms and sinks, I often rely on a good plumber to do the job. For me, plumbing work is no joke. It should be done properly so as not to waste precious money. Now for those in the Tennessee area, you can always contact a good Nashville Plumber to do the job for you. It will surely save you a huge amount compared to doing it yourself when you don't know how to do it all.

Back to Work, Back to Blogging!

We just finished another 3-day vacation and I feel so refreshed! I finally got that much-needed rest, thank God! So what did else did we get to do?

*Hunny had another birthday party at home, this time with his officemates/staff

*I was able to buy a notebook (wink!) for myself after eons of waiting.

*We did the grocery with the little girl in tow (she's beginning to ask for stuff already, hmmm).

*We attended Zoe's last summer class of Kindermusik (we plan to enroll again next semester).

*We all went to Robinson's Galleria's Tom World and had loads of fun!

*I bought some clothes and had some repaired.

*I made a 9-day menu, hoping it'll be executed properly.

Anyway, I still have some knee problems which started mid last week. I really hope it will be gone soon. :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy Days are Here Again!

The rainy season is finally here. Oh, it's not that I am anticipating it so much. I do love the rain (and sleeping on a rainy night) but, of course, I don't really welcome the storms and floods that may come along with it. Incidentally, I was just reminded of what the rainy season may bring when my uncle, who was just in our house last week, was telling me about the roof leak that they had the other night. Of all places, the leak in their roof had to be directly under their bed! So what happened was, they had to put a pail directly where the water was dropping and he and my aunt both had to sleep on the floor. It's crazy, right?

This is the reason why we all have to be prepared for the rainy days. This includes checking if our roof and gutter are in good condition. You have to make sure that there are no leaks and holes in your roof lest you end up like my uncle who had to sleep on the floor. To be extra sure, one should contact a professional to check and maintain your roof. I, for one, would not let any member of my family to go up our roof to check on its condition. That would be too dangerous if you ask me. Thus, to be extra safe, you should not hesitate to rely on someone who knows his business like someone from a reliable and quality Providence Roofing company. They ought to know how to do the job and to do it well.

Latest Family Picture

Hi everyone! Just want to post our latest family picture taken in Serendra near the "Specific Gravity" which is the huge boulder which has water falling down from it.

Can you see that our little "Ate Zoe" here is smiling from ear to ear? Could it be because of her new pair of shoes?!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mailboxes and a lot more...

Attention homeowners!

Are you in need of well-styled mailboxes for your homes? Would want to own mailbox posts that draw the attention of friends, family, and guests? Are you in search of fantastic decor to put an accent to your garden? Do you like to put custom-made address plaques that are placed in a special part of your home? If your answer is yes to all these questions, then, look no further.

You can now have access to a variety of mailboxes and other fantastic garden decors online. Mailboxes and Beyond is an online store which features classic designs for your mailbox and address plaque needs at a very low price. They are open 24 hours a day and would even ship our orders for free! What's more, their products are sure to give a great impact in your home. Your relatives and friends are sure to 'wow' over the nice decor that can only get from Mailbox and Beyond.

Dad and Daughter

Here is a picture of the two loves in my life right now...

It was taken yesterday in Serendra while we were out celebrating my husband's birthday. I could just imagine that in a few months' time, Zoe will be a big sister and my husband and I would each have one baby to carry. :-)

Anyway, I always feel so moved and happy just by looking at the two of them. Really.

Venturing on a business

Every time I hear people say that the times are so hard these days, I tend to cringe. In my mind, only the people who are lazy and have no ambition go hungry. Why? It's because we can always find some sort of income somewhere. You don't necessarily have to be employed in a company to earn because anybody can be an entrepreneur if he or she wants to. All we need to do is be creative and money will surely come in.

I know a friend who is very eager to start a business of her own. She just gave up her job to make her family her top priority. Lately, she has been telling her about her business plans. She told me that her main problem is where to get the starting capital to boost her business idea forward. I wanted to extend my help to her (no, not by lending her that money) by telling her about how you can easily and immediately get Business Loans. You see, there are various options in the market where you can avail of Unsecured Loans. If you are an entrepreneur who has a business concept but do not know who to jack it up financially, there are reliable companies which offer Unsecured Personal Loans especially for people who are planning to venture on a business. With this start-up money, anything is possible.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carpet Care

I love carpets. I used to think that our big Persian rug is the main attraction in our living room. It gives the room a good boost of colors that brightens up the place. Our rug has a flowery design that matches the colors of our living room furniture, our curtains, as well as the colors of the wall. However, if you plan to put a big rug or have carpet installed in your room, my advice is that you better be equipped with the machine and the knowledge on how to clean it. Otherwise, maybe it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job for you.

I admit, I've ruined a couple of carpets before. I was assuming that I knew it all so I destroyed it and it had to be folded up and left in the storage room. This was because my DIY method of cleaning just was not right. My first fault is in not having a carpet cleaning machine of my own (nor did I borrow one). I thought you can just wash it and let it air-dry. Second, I used the wrong kind of bleach which eventually did not remove the dirty spot properly. Then, I also did not dry it that right way that the bottom part of the carpet began to crumble. Lastly, I really should have hired a professional Austin Carpet Cleaning company to do the job for me instead. I'm sure they would have done the job faster and better!

Happy Birthday Hunny!

To the guy whom God has chosen to be my husband and partner in life...
To my daily inspiration and anchor in my life...
To my best friend and confidante...
To the love of my life...

Happy, happy birthday!

I love you hunny!

Friday, June 5, 2009

When you need to have it done...

Many times, we rely on word of mouth for a number of services that we avail of in order to get things done. Personally, I do not have much confidence in repair shops which were not recommended to me by a friend or a relative. This is because for our home appliances as well as for our more heavy-duty machines, the cost of repair is no joke. With the amount you are paying to make these things in good condition again, you need someone who can guarantee their work. You wouldn't want somebody wasting your precious time and money on work that is not of good quality, right?

For example, for HVACs, you can rely on your repair shops just around the corner or you can put your trust on reliable and tested Greensboro HVAC and Los Angeles HVAC service companies who are known to do the job well. With the quality of their work, you are assured of work that is definitely guaranteed.

Big or Small

Whether you are a big or small company, each will surely need customers in order for the business to survive. And maybe you ask, "Where I can find more customers?" That sounds difficult but that's the easy part actually.

In my business classes during my MBA days just a few years back, we would often do the SWOT to analyze the situation in a sample company. Oftentimes, we find the company lacking in its strengths (which is what the S in SWOT would usually stand for) and lacking attention in the opportunities (the O part of SWOT). I would often suggest to my case mates to intensify the company's customer information studies. We would do this in my current company and it has done a lot of good in driving profits.

These days, there are firms that are there to give you customers. They offer various services and databases that can lead you to your target customers. For example, you can get a Consumer Mailing List to help you find those consumers who are most likely to buy your product or get your service. In this day and age where information is key, having a good and vast database of consumers can definitely spell success and profits for your company.

A Confession

Maybe you've read it in my blogs~

I've been on a cola and dessert ban since Friday. Well, I'm almost on it for one week and so far here's how I fared:


1. Ate kakanin last Saturday - We brought a BIG box of kakanin on Friday morning prior to going to the doctor...Now who's gonna eat all that sapin-sapin and bibingka?

2. Drank 1 glass of coke on Sunday - I was at a McDonald's kiddie party with Hun and Zoe and got nothing else to drink (yeah, yeah)

3. Ate a glassful of sweet corn-flavored ice cream yesterday - Hell, it was Francis' 16th birthday and there was too much ice cream at home with no room for it in the fridge...it's better to eat it before it all melts down, right? LOL.

So there, 3 misses in a week. NOT BAD, right?

I promise to do better next week.

Love you baby boy!

Done Deal

One of the great benefits of having email, chat messaging and other network sites is having the chance to get in touch with friends, both old and new. Recently, I've been so glad to be in touch with some of my old friends again. It's so fantastic to be able to talk to them again even if they are at the other side of planet!

For example, my friend in Atlanta emailed me the other day and was so happy to tell me that she and her house have finally signed a deal that would lead them to their very own dream house. They were able to get a good Atlanta Realtor to help them find the best property that would suit their needs and, of course, their budget. When they thought that it would take forever for them to decide, the real estate guy was able to strike with them a very good deal for a house that had the perfect location, size and prize. They simply could not resist it! For years, it has been their dream to have their own home where they envision their future kids to live and grow up in. With this house soon to become theirs, their dream is soon to become a reality. They feel more secured now that they will be giving the best home for their family.

Still Not Sure.

That's my answer if you ask me what name we will give to our upcoming and soon-to-be-born baby boy.

I thought that I was settled with "the" name weeks back but something inside of me holds me back. Suddenly, I want to change it into something totally different. Like any happy and expectant mom, I only want to give the best for the baby...and that starts with giving him the best name (if there is ever a thing). Of course, that name should be something that would stand for something nice because it's your name that will define you.

And I'm also thinking: why was it so easy to choose Zoe's name before? I don't remember having a hard time with her name. This time, the search for this baby's name seems to be so hard. Any suggestions?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On a Hot Summer Day

Ever experienced your auto air-conditioning breakdown while you are on a trip on an unusually hot summer day?

Well, I still remember that happened to me and my then-fiancée on our way to an important initial appointment with a couturier. We were then at the height of our wedding preparations and have had our share of several disappointing wedding supplier prospects. Anyway, that particular day was an ultra-hot day. Without any warning, our car air-conditioning suddenly broke down and both of us went sweating like crazy from the sun's scorching heat. To make things worse, we couldn't find our way to the house of the wedding designer. We were going on in circles before we finally found the place. With all the trouble that we went through, my then fiancée (now of course, my dear husband) told me that if the wedding gown designer will be another disappointment, then that would really be a very bad sign.

Anyway, the great thing was is that the wedding gown designer turned out to be very nice. He saw that we were so tired, sweaty and feeling hot. He both offered us a glass of ice-cold strawberry juice which was simply heaven-sent. I think, apart that his gowns are really gorgeous; it was mostly that juice that made us sign the contract with him almost immediately.

Going back to our car's air-conditioning, we had that fixed right after that appointment. The mechanic said that we needed to replace our diesel turbocharger and some other things. It was fixed in no time. With that, everything else with our wedding preparations went in a breeze and life was all good again.

Zoe two years ago...

Just trip down memory lane.

This was Zoe more or less 2 years ago. Would you believe that this was her first and only trip to a swimming pool? Notice that her bathing suit here was still so oversized for her at 6 months.

And in case you're thinking why it's the first and last time...yeah, for some reason, we never got to bring her to any swimming pool again after that (I know...).

Anyway, here's hoping that the sun will be out tomorrow because we're finally going swimming again after two long years!

Well, at least Zoe still fits in her pink Chicco bathing suit and I don't need to buy a new suit. :-) I'm excited!

Business as Usual

Early this morning, the Department of Education declared the suspension of classes in the grade school and secondary levels in the Metro. Too bad for people like me (especially when you work in a bank), we still need to go to the office whether rain or shine.

I miss those days when there are no classes and we just eat, nap and watch TV the whole day. Now, amidst the heavy rains and flooding in the surrounding areas, I still have to work: monitor the CD rate, attend meetings, complete reports, compose letters, prepare salary proposals, file papers, and do many more things in-between.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, row, row your boat,
Gently down the stream.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is but a dream.

Why did I post this song? It's because of 2 things. It's Zoe's favorite song from her Kindermusik Splash classes and it's what we experienced early this morning (it was again flooded in our village!!!). Oh well, goodbye summer, hello rainy days!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Do You Have a Green Thumb?

Do you have a green thumb? Well, so far, I think that I don't. There is an undeveloped portion in our backyard and a crumbling wall behind it that both need to have an overhaul. But I don't think I have the time, spirit and the energy to either start arranging it by planting some shrubs or plants in the soil or rebuilding that crumbling wall. And maybe if I do have the time, I am doubtful if ever the plants that I sow will ever grow or the wall will be sturdy enough to survive the rainy days.

If you are like me who's helpless when it comes to landscaping and other gardening activities, then maybe you need the help of a professional landscaper. For example, in Georgia, you can find the best people to do the landscaping job for you. For sure you can ask your friends and family for help as to referrals for good landscape artists. However, if you remain clueless on whom to contact, there is a Cumming Landscaper who is within your reach. All you need to do is to leave your name and contact details in their website and they will send you answers to your queries. You'll never know, you just might be having beautifully-arranged flowers and plants right at your very own backyard in no time.

What's a Busy Mom Gotta Do?

It's like a never-ending cycle.

I wake up at 5:30 in the morning, fix the bed, help bring our baby down to the living room, eat a fast breakfast, take a bath, go to work, work, work, work, maybe even stay up to 9 in the evening, go home, eat dinner, get dressed, and then finally go to bed. Then it's the same routine again the next day.

On top of all that, I have to take care of my interior life and make sure that I fulfill my plan of life. Plus, I have my mommy and wifey duties to think of.

On the side, I also have to make sure that the house is running smoothly: the clothes are washed properly, the food is ready, the household bills are paid, things are in their proper places, the pantry has enough stocks, the grocery is done on time, the students of the house are guided and tutored, etc. etc.

Sometimes, I do get an overload of things to do...

With the new baby coming, I really don't know how I'll manage.

But even if it looks like a never-ending cycle, I always look forward to another day ahead of me because that is a BIG BIG BLESSING in itself. God gives me another day to challenge my faith and see how much I should learn to trust in Him.

Monday, June 1, 2009

LITBM: Motherhood

Now for some LITBM (Laughter is the Best Medicine) Moments on Motherhood particularly on being a S/WAHM:

Is this a sign of what lies ahead for me? :-)

Don't Let Pests Pester You

Our house is still relatively new that is so sad to see that some parts of our kitchen (particularly the side boards) are being infested with termites. Our contractor ensured us before that he had treated the whole house with anti-termite solution so we were rather confident that our house would never be a victim of termites and other pests. I don't know if he was indeed telling us the truth because you know, some time ago, we saw that the wood base of the kitchen wall is already starting to break down. When we checked it, there were already mini-termites inside the wood. Thus, we had no choice but to call a pest control company to eliminate the termites.

One of the usual problems that homeowners encounters is having different sorts of pests inflict their homes. Whether it be termites, flies, mosquitoes and other types of pests, who would want pests pestering you at home? So if you find yourself in this situation and are in the Houston area, do not hesitate to contact a reliable Houston Pest Control service. They can be reached through the internet and via telephone. You can leave a contact number or email address and they will immediately get in touch with you for the details of your pest problem.

Professionalizing Motherhood (Part 4)

Do you feel your life is about work, home, work, home, work, home... and usually the home is sacrificed for your work? Are you stressed both at work and at home?

Then you might be interested to attend the last session of the Professionalizing Motherhood course.

Join us on June 6, this Saturday, for the last session of Professionalizing Motherhood.

Frannie Daez
, the speaker and a HR consultant, will talk about work and home life balance and stress management and hiring and firing your house helps and yayas. She'll also talk about Home Schooling, since she home schools her 7 kids.

It'll be from 3:00 - 6:00 pm at 26D Amorsolo Square, Rockwell.

Fee: 400.

Food, Glorious Food

I still remember an old description that had stick to my head about being a Taurean. It says that if you love to cook, then better watch it because you might get into a weight problem. Whether this is true or not, I believe that one of the "bad" sides about cooking is the eating part, that is, ending up eating most or even all that you have cooked, especially if it tastes glorious.

I actually experienced this last weekend. For the past few weeks, my mother-in-law was with us and she cooked so many delicious viands for us at home. Now that she is back to my brother-in-law's place, I thought of also cooking something special for the family, but something more of my line. You see, I really don't have much exposure in cooking the usual Filipino basics. I would normally rely on our able helper to cook the traditional foods such as nilaga, sinigang and adobo. What I do like to cook are mostly pasta and other international recipes. So last weekend, I cooked penne with bacon and mushroom in tomato cream sauce. It tasted so good that I (again) ate a little bit too much. Hahaha.

Anyway, I actually found a great online grocery where I can buy the different and sometimes hard-to-find ingredients for my favorite international recipes whether Asian, European, South American, etc., you name it! What's also good about it is that you can have your goodies delivered at a reasonable flat rate. Moreover, you can also learn how to cook a thousand more recipes by just a few clicks. They also offer various international products that you normally cannot find in your next-door grocery.

Now because of this, I have been yearning to cook a bit of authentic chicken curry using the ingredients available in their Indian food section. Not only will it be authentic, it will be extra hot! I can't wait!

On a Preggy Diet

I have been a stubborn preggy mommy. I have been eating a little overboard the last few days (ok, I admit, it's been weeks) that the doctor finally told me to go on dessert and cola ban until I give birth. Actually, my sugar level is A-ok. The only problem is that I gained too much for the month that I need to make sure that I don't exceed the ideal weight gain next time.

At first, this sounded like a death sentence. However, I want to think of it in a positive way. This is all for the benefit of the baby. With that in mind, I'd gladly give up anything just to have a healthy bouncing baby come September.

So to the C's which I love eating/drinking: cakes, chocolates, candies, cookies, coke, chips...good bye for now. Till we meet again. Hahaha!

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