Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shopping Spree for Baby

Hi everyone! We were on leave yesterday for another ultrasound at Cardinal (got great news by the way --- that needs a separate post!). Anyway, after our check-up and lunch, we headed for the baby clothes store in Zodiac St. Bel-Air Village for some baby boy clothes shopping. It's funny because the place is just a stone's throw away from my office but I never really got the chance to go there until yesterday.

We were at the store for only about 45 mins. It was baby clothes heaven. Here are some of the pics of our loots! Super cheap and cuties!!!!

I never thought that clothes shopping for baby boy could be so much fun!

For your info, the shop is at the back of the house located at 48 Zodiac St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City. Telephone number is 896-4802 (look for Manang Vicky).

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Hot Luxurious Bath

With the numerous activities during the day, don't you just wish sometimes to indulge yourself in a warm luxurious bath while dipped in your hot tub?

I heard that relaxing in a hot tub can release the stresses and irritations that you have. It also promotes wellness and relaxation. Similarly, going to spas can also contribute to healing of pains and bodily aches that you can't seem to get rid of no matter how much you scrub on your own.

I'm just so glad that we have our own hot tub at home. With that, there is no need for us to go elsewhere to relax. The solution is right inside our very own bathroom. Good thing the architect provided ample space to accommodate a big bathtub when the house was still being planned and built. So as the construction was still ongoing, we went around to choose the best kind of tub there is. When we did find it, we had the tub shipped directly to our home. The store where we got it from sent their friendly staff to install the tub so it was no hassle for us. All we could do is to enjoy it!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Make-over Plans for the Sofa

One of the things that I so look forward to when I finally go on maternity leave (apart from caring for my new baby and being with Zoe) is the fact that I can have time to do domestic stuff. With 78 days of vacation, I believe I can do so much!!!

The last time I went on maternity leave, I was able to arrange thousands of our family pictures into neat leather photo albums. I was also able to file all important documents (birth certificates, copies of land titles, medical records) in their respective folders. I was also able to organize the bathrooms to give it a fresher look.

This time, I have been eyeing on doing a sofa set make-over. I plan to replace the covers of our sofa (and maybe add matching curtains) which now look like this...

...with something like this...

...or this!

Do you like it? I just thought that having solid colors in the sofa will give it a classier look. Besides, the truth is, those covers really need to be thrown out and replaced soon whether I like it or not. The holes which Zoe has made on it is simply icky!!! Hahaha!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bathing Suits Appropriate for Me

With me currently carrying an 8-month baby bump now, I sometimes (no, not sometimes but all the time!) feel so heavy, tired, and not to mention, big. But I don't really feel bad about it because I know and believe that in due time, I'll lose those extra pounds gained from this pregnancy. I know that could still go back to my pre-pregnancy clothes and even to my old bathing suits again. I only have to eat right and exercise regularly to do that.

Part of my exercise plan is to swim as much as I could after giving birth. I think that wouldn't be so hard, right? And in preparation for such, I have started looking for new swimwear which can fit me. Browsing through the web, I am actually so glad that there are still decent and beautiful swimsuits designed for my size. Wearing these in the pool or in the beach after I give birth would be just fine with me especially during the transition time when I move from preggy size to normal size. The designs are also in line with my taste because they are not so revealing (a factor that is hard to find in the stores these days!) plus, they are quite affordable too!

With this kind of appropriate swimwear, there's now no reason for me to avoid going to the pool or the beach to exercise as well as to have some fun in the sun with my family and friends. I can confidently swim in the pool wearing these and not have to worry about covering up my bulges. LOL.

Ready, Get Set, Hello!

Pending the results of my next ultrasound this Wednesday, the likelihood of a repeat CS for me is almost sure.

We discussed with the OB our birthing date possibilities last Saturday and we ended up agreeing on September 01 (Tuesday) at 7:30 in the morning. Our initial date was actually August 22 but she told us that she will be out of town that day and will only be back in the evening. As for August 23, she told us that the hospital will have to charge us extra since it's a Sunday, so we didn't want that either. anyway, with my husband's approval, I told the doctor that I opt for September 01 instead. So she checked her schedule and after seeing that there was no conflict, she immediately instructed her secretary to call Cardinal Santos Hospital to reserve the delivery room on that date. Luckily, the schedule is still open and the DL still available. After issuing us the admitting form, it finally dawned on us that we will be seeing and hugging our baby boy very, very soon!!!

In just 5 weeks, it's gonna be READY, GET SET, HELLO BABY BOY!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Gift Options - Laundry Bags and More

Do you like buying gifts?

I don't know with you ~ but me, I do! I get giddy trying to think of a gift idea that would be best for my family, my friends, my boss (yeah, yeah), and even for my household helpers. I simply love going around the mall looking for that gift which I think would make them smile and happy. I like the process of wrapping each gift with delicacy and detail.

The only problem with buying gifts in the mall these days is that there is just not much option to choose from. Most of the stuff I find are generic and non-personalized. Good thing I found this online site which offers lovely gift ideas for every one in the family. In particular, I found several styles of laundry bag which is perfect for my sister. You know, my sister is the only person I know in this world who has a laundry bag. And since I think her laundry bag is already a little overused, I would want to buy a new one soon. I also found a towel wrap that is best to give to my girl-friends. I'm sure they would love this! Lastly, the site also has a collection of nap mats which is a great gift idea for my godchildren who are toddlers. I'm so lucky to have found this online store!

Packing 101 - The Delivery Day

With my delivery coming up, I have been trying to complete packing the hospital bag for myself, my baby and my husband for the 3-4 days stay in Cardinal.

I gathered some tips online and I would like to make an online check of how I am faring in the list.

For Mommy / Daddy:

1) List of phone numbers or a phone tree of people to call and share the good news - ok
2) Your own comfortable nursing gown if you plan on breastfeeding - none yet
3) Lip balm - you'll be glad you have this - ok
4) Your own maxi pads - the hospital will provide these, but your own may be more comfortable - ok
5) A camera and/or video camera - just a camera for now
6) Baby book for the hand and foot prints - ok
7) Toiletries - ok
8) Hair accessories - ok
9) Makeup - ok
10) An extra change of comfortable clothes for you - none yet
11) Change of clothes for your partner - none yet
12) Breast pump - need to check my old pump if it's still ok to use

For Baby

1) Warm hat and booties - ok
2) Your favorite baby blanket - ok
3) Outfit for hospital pictures, if you choose to have them done - ok
4) Going home outfit - ok
5) Approved car seat (you won't be able to leave without one) - none yet
6) Diapers for the ride home - ok

So I guess I'm almost ready!

Anyway, in addition, here's a video clip I found in Youtube.

Wish me luck!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Up!

Who wants to watch the newest Harry Potter movie? Raise your hand!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Looking for Truck Rims

My husband has been forever prodding me to buy him a set of truck rims for our pick-up truck. However, I don't know really how much budget I need to have to be able to purchase a classy set of chrome truck rims nor am I ready just yet. We usually would see several truck rims tires for sale in some areas in the metro but nothing seems to particularly catch his fancy. It's either the styles available are not so great or the price is just too much.

Incidentally, I learned about I would surely tell my husband about this site. Maybe he will see something he likes there. Meantime, I'll have to have my budget ready for this. LOL.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mommy Moments - Pouting Face

mommy moments

Here are pictures of my Zoe who is obviously in her terrible two's. Hahaha.

Zoe sometimes cries when she sees me leave for work again after a long weekend vacation of our being together...

Taken in KFC on her actual 2nd birthday...we didn't want her to take a hold of the camera.

Lastly, here's Zoe (sitting in the middle) at the verge of tantrums on her 2nd birthday party:

Happy weekend everyone! Thanks Chris!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tapsi ni Vivian

I could not contain my hunger (and cravings) on the way home last night that I had to beg my husband to bring me to the "Tapsi ni Vivian" resto in Marikina for that quick tapsilog-fix. He willingly obliged, of course. Hahaha!

Seriously, since we re-discovered the place, we would regularly go there na exactly for that: a tapsilog-fix. People who go there walk in, order, sit down, eat their tapsi's and leave. Eat and run, in short. And mind you, people from all walks of life come to this place to do just that. Maybe it's because the food is good and the price is cheap. And for us who just live a few kilometers away, it's definitely worth the side trip.

For photo credits and more info, click here.

Preggy Thoughts and Preggy Lists

I'm turning 31 weeks tomorrow. Only 9 weeks to go and it will be "it" for me...which means I've got to double-time on my efforts to fulfill my pre-giving birth to-do list which I've been sadly failing on.

1) All of our old white baby clothes are still in the "depths" of our closet. Gotta excavate all of it and have it washed and ironed soon.
2) I only have 3 new baby boy outfits and I don't think any of it will fit the baby upon birth. Gotta schedule a time to shop for baby boy clothes.
3) The baby cribs and beddings have not been washed yet. Tell the yaya to do that this week or next.
4) The room has yet not been disinfected and wiped clean.
5) I don't have a birthing plan yet.
6) I haven't prepared my hospital bag yet. Gotta buy: a new robe, lactacyd for baby, ethyl alcohol, some baby wraps, newborn diapers and many more!
7) I haven't been "reviewing" the birthing process so I'll be more relaxed and better prepared just in case I get a VBAC.
8) I/We still haven't made a hospital tour (maybe we can do that tomorrow).
9) I still haven't carefully studied our budget regarding expense with my giving birth and all (my hospital coverage might not be enough).
10) I still have a ton of pending work (and an upcoming new assignment) in the office that I might end up working up to the day I give birth!!! Hay.

At any rate, all of the above does not mean that I am not excited to see our new baby. He has been so active these days that I just get teary-eyed with the feeling of "LIFE" inside my womb (I sometimes wish I could see him na talaga). It's the greatest feeling in the world that no MAN could ever experience and I feel so blessed.

Anyway, mental note to myself: DON'T PANIC!!! There's still time.

On the positive side of things, I still believe that this baby will be born at the right time and the right place because God wills it so! Even if he will be born in an imperfect world, he will remain to be a being with unquantifiable value because he will be born in God's image and likeness with a dignity that is only unique to man. That alone gives him a value that no amount of money could ever buy. He is such a blessing to us that we will be forever indebted and grateful to God for.

Now, I feel so much better.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Edward Christian!

My cousin Net-net gave birth recently in Illinois to a bouncing baby boy - Edward Christian A. Gagni. Oh, what a cute li'l darling he is!

Congratulations Net and Edward and to the whole Avila & Gagni clan. Kisses to the baby!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Already Know the Car You Want?

I saw this question at my homepage as I was browsing through the internet this morning. It struck me that my glaring personal answer to this question is sadly a "no". No, I don't know what car I want. No, I don't know what make or color of car I want. But I do know is that I want a new car, har, har, har.

Anyway, if I had the budget now at least for Used Cars, I would probably avail of a Car Lease for some known European car brand like Used Audi Cars. I really find Audi cars really elegant and classy. But why used cars? Well, New Cars are not exactly in the cards for me right now, you see. Our hands are pretty tied now with other domestic expenses that getting a brand-new car is out of the question, well, at least for now. However, I am happily looking at some more models now at and I'm having so much fun choosing the car that I really want.

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