Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Job Opening

My officemate has just been transfered to another department and we are currently on a look out for candidates for the vacated position. As a requirement, we are looking for a graduate of any business or accounting course from a reputable university, preferably female. Previous working experience is not necessary.

In its regular hiring procedure, our company always gives priority to the integrity of its new employees. Since we are in the banking industry, honesty and trust are the main foundations of the business. Thus, our usual hiring process includes a Background Check of the person to be hired. It is very important that the person does not have any negative findings based on the Criminal Check done by the company. By conducting a Criminal Background Check, the company somehow ensures the integrity and credibility of the persons to be hired. I remember that during my time when I was hired and was under probationary status, there were some investigators who even went to place near our residence to ask about my reputation and that of my family. Being my first time to be employed, I was surprised to hear about this kind of investigation being done on me. Thinking about it, I guess, it really is very essential part of the hiring process of the the company.

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