Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last Day Before the Long Weekend

I'm really looking forward to the long weekend! I've been working so hard and I definitely need to recharge and get some rest.

Anyway, before the long weekend begins tomorrow, there's still another long day at work today. I have to finish so many things! There's just too much paper work to be done and I'm so lagging behind schedule. I just had my lunch and in awhile will be off again for another meeting with the HR Department to discuss the never ending issues regarding our Expatriates.

Our meeting this afternoon will focus on the relocation and housing allowance. You see, relocating to a foreign country definitely not a breeze. Since the assignment will be on a long term basis, oftentimes, the company has to get the services of a Moving company to transfer the things of the employee from his originating country to his new country of assignment. Even if you say that the person should only bring the essentials, it's still so hard not get Moving Companies to do that task for you. Plus since our Expatriates will all be coming mainly from Manila to another country, International movers will be assigned to ship his stuff to the country where he will be assigned for at least two years.

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