Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oody's Night

As I have blogged here, I was craving for Phat Thai and Bagoong Rice (with some maasim na green mangoes on the side!) last Friday so I asked my hubby to have dinner with me in Greenbelt 3 at Oody's Restaurant.

Here are our orders:

Bagoong Rice (mukhang kulang for 2 people at first but found out that it's just right):

Phad Thai Noodles (yummy but contained everything that's bad for my uric acid level harhar):

Chicken Pandan (I was surprised to find this in the appetizer section of the menu coz it's already viand for me):

Grilled pork with Asparagus (don't know what's it called in Thai but it's masarap):

For dessert, we just filled ourselves with the view of MARC NELSON (in the white shirt) and ROVILSON FERNANDEZ (partly hidden) plus another guy who were seated right infront of us!!!! How sweet is that?! Haha! Ang gagwapo! LOL.

Lastly, here's MR. & MRS. BUSOG of Oody's Greenbelt (hehehe):

Love it!

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