Sunday, August 10, 2008


I spent almost the whole afternoon at home yesterday just rummaging through the closets in my old 'dalaga' room looking for stuff that I can let go of already. You see, my friend agreed to hold a garage sale with me next week. Apparently, she is also letting go of a lot of stuff and things she has accumulated through the years. We both thought the extra money and extra space would benefit us. Besides, it's a better way to spend the afternoon and even better than getting a fast payday loan to bridge for our current rising expenses.

The result? I collected 2 big suitcases filled with my old clothes, a bunch on clothes hanging on an extra rack, about 10 pairs or more of old shoes (my feet grew by 2 inches after giving birth) and a big box full of bags and other stuff. And take note, these are just my stuff from my former room. Hahaha. I still have a another stack of clothes in my current closet and some stuff from Zoe and hubby.

I also found some boxes which we packed during our house construction a few years back that were never opened since. I guess things became so busy for us with my mom's passing away and my getting married, giving birth and everything. Imagine, it's just now that I got to open all of it. Lo and behold, I didn't realize that there were still lots of important documents and reference books pala that were just stacked there in the living room of our smaller house at the back. Anyway, at least it's already opened and sorted. The next step now is to find cabinets where we can put all those books and paper files. Ha! I'm beginning to foresee my former room (now Yaya Cat's room) looking like a library soon for I sorted out around 300 different books from the boxes. Oh dear. What should I do??!!!

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