Wednesday, August 20, 2008

School Work

To be honest, I've always loved school. Maybe it was because of the big influence of my parents who are both educators. My father was a school principal for a long time in an all-boys school. After that, he became a college professor. Now, he is a full-time writer who offers writing service for a publisher. My mom was also a true-blue English and Science teacher who taught since she was 20 years old until the year she died at 58 years old.

As a child of teachers, you might think that it was easy for me since my parents assisted me with my school work. On the contrary, my sister and I actually had to exert extra effort to study, asking for help only when we could no longer understand the lessons in school. Our parents encouraged us to discover the joy of learning and not allowing us to be spoon-fed. Of course, we could have taken an easier way and buy essay when we had to submit a difficult paper. Obtaining a custom writing service can now be so easy with the advent of the internet and electronic mail. However, during that time, we had to do our own research, type our own papers, do our own assignments, make time to practice our math problems and make sure we are ready to recite in class the next day. It was the harder route to getting those medals at the end of the school year but it was all worth it. Plus it made our parents very proud.

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