Sunday, August 3, 2008

Went to the Grocery and Bought These...

Yeah, got myself a pair of black flats from the grocery!!!

After visiting my Mom this morning, we headed to the nearby grocery for a quick stop.

The plan was just to buy some veggies, fish and pork for the weekly menu ~~~ only to be able to shop for shoes! Hahaha. Been looking for nice black and comfy flat shoes that should fit my big feet perfectly ~~ have already been to Glorietta, Serendra, Eastwood, Landmark, Robinson's and Greenhills but to no avail. It's either the sizes are alanganin or there's no available size at all. So, who would have thought I'll be able to grab these in SM Hypermart in Taytay! And it's on sale at 50% off. :-)

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Kwagoo said...

nice pair :D simply adore flats :)

been dreaming of buying myself some new shoes again, one that i can wear on a daily basis, but it's raining super hard lately that going out doesn't seem very appealing :(

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