Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Deserve A Dream Bathroom

Every homeowner deserves to have a great bathroom but one that does not necessarily break the bank. Yes, building or renovating your bathroom into a place that you are actually comfortable and efficient need not cost as much as you imagined.

In my trips abroad and in regularly watching TV, I always found myself dreaming of living in a house with a wonderful set of bathroom fixtures that are elegant and expensive-looking. Thus, when my parents announced some years ago that we demolishing our 30-year old bungalow and building a bigger house with provisions for 4 bathrooms, I was ecstatic and giddy with excitement. We have always dreamed of having a toilet and bath for each bedroom in the house with the master's bedroom having its own installed water heater and a luxurious bathtub!

At the beginning of our renovation, we looked up on designs online and found incredible styles and deals at Fairmont designs. I also helped out my parents choose the color palette and layout for every bathroom plus the brands of the fixtures. It was my parent's decision to leave the design and choosing our the bathroom fixtures to us and not to the contractor because the contractor's tendency is just to buy the regular and low-quality fixtures in order to save them cost. So at the very start, we made it clear that we shall deduct the cost of furniture and fixtures from the overall contract and shoulder the cost ourselves.

As the work on the house progressed, we kept on researching online and making several trips to the home improvement stores checking out the prices of the different major fixtures which we will need. Our list includes shopping for nice and timeless blanco sinks, durable shower heads, faucets with knobs for either hot and cold water, lavatories for the smaller bathrooms, toto toilets with matching bidet, a water heater and a big bathtub. The installation of the fixtures was mainly DIY by my Dad except for the installation of the pressurized water heater and the bathtub which needed the expertise of a licensed electrician and a great plumber. For everything else, my Dad was able enough to do the job.

After a few months of construction, our house was finally finished. The bathrooms were definitely an attraction for our visitors during the house warming party. We got a lot of wow's and raves from our family and friends who literally toured every niche and nook of the house. But you know what's the best thing about all of these, it's not the praise you get from other people but really the comfort and enjoyment you experience by actually using the bathroom. It's great and I can actually stay there for hours and hours if I only had the time.

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