Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big, Beautiful and Happy

I just stumbled into this picture of my cousins and I taken last Christmas. In the picture are (L-R) Reneebeth, Jojie, Ria, Aila (who just turned 18) and myself. Except for me, all of them are single and available (ahem!).

I look at it and (proudly?) think to myself how thin I was back then. Well, it looks like that, at least compared to them. Hahaha! But you know, this picture was a good 5 months ago and my appearance and weight now is far different compared to this. The present reality is that I am nowhere near to being thin now. Especially when I look at myself, I feel so big (being five months pregnant and all). But I'm very, very happy. I give myself a rest this time because I know that in exchange for all those additional pounds is a baby boy waiting to be born this September.

And if you ask me if my cousins are happy too, I'd say that they are. With their positive outlook in life and good sense of humor, I feel that even if my cousins here in the picture are looking big, they are contented with their life and they all feel good about themselves. They can actually share some great insights in bbw chat rooms that is sure to bring a happy glow in the place. I heard that these chatrooms can be a great adventure for BBWs.

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