Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Bigger Car?

My husband lately has been talking me into buying a bigger car for us especially when baby number two arrives. At first, I'm thinking that this is just his excuse to have a new 'baby'. But I think that he's somewhat right. We need to invest on a bigger car for the needs of the family.

But wait! Of course, before we could buy a new car (and because money does not grow on trees), I think we need to sell our other car first. In truth, we haven't really been using that other car. I even think we have to repair some of its parts like its steering rack. I heard that you can actually purchase car steering parts directly online at a very low price. That's not much of a hassle, is it? Maybe if we can fix the car soon, we'll be able to sell it at an even better price and then have enough money to buy a bigger family car.

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