Wednesday, May 27, 2009

For your Medical Concerns

Lately, I've been hearing so many stories of people getting sick and being confined in the hospital. We have a neighbor who had kidney and other problems and was in the hospital for weeks. Her family had already spent hundreds of thousands (even up to a million, I think) just to keep her alive. But in the end, she still passed away (may God bless her soul). I also have another friend whose father is in the hospital right now undergoing treatment for cancer. My friend has been out of her wits trying to find out how her family will pay for the hospital bills that is becoming bigger by the minute given the fact that her Dad isn't close to being well yet.

Actually, I know from experience how hard it can be to get sick or to have someone in your family get sick. As a consequence, you sometimes have to endure huge hospital bills that are really problematic in the wallet especially when you come unprepared. In our case, we depend a lot on our medical card to assist us in our hospital expenses.

In these kind of times, one is really needs to have a kaiser permanente. Depending on your location, you and your family can be enrolled in an individual or group health plan under kaiser permanente Colorado or kaiser permanente California. I swear, there is nothing like being ready.

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