Thursday, May 7, 2009


I don't know what's with me. I seem to be so out of the loop when it comes to friends. Maybe it's because we're all growing old and growing apart. Or do you think the financial crisis has something to do with this too? I mean, people, like myself, are feeling less inclined to go out, make phone calls, eat out, watch movies or travel out of town. Why? Because things are getting more and more expensive by the day, people just tend to stay home to avoid making unnecessary expenses or at the extreme, they tend to work even harder, do more overtime work to get that extra buck that they need. This may be the sad reality now but it doesn't have to be the case right?

The only light I'm seeing to maintain my friends and also to make more friends is to make use of the available technology without having to spend much money. There is free text, the internet and email now so there's no reason not to keep in touch. Plus, there are so many social networks and chat rooms like jewish chatrooms that are available now where you can talk to friends whenever you want to. So I guess it's really up to the person to exert that effort to be a friend. Probably what I can do is to sign up, together with my friends, in a certain chatroom so we can be in touch always and at the same time, we can expand our circle of friends amongst people of the same interest as ours.

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