Sunday, May 24, 2009

How, How The Carabao?

I was with some friends yesterday and we were talking about work and how we wanted to resign and just be a "working" housewife. The topic was about this because the party host, our friend from work, resigned last year to be just that - a housewife and a full-time mom. But the big question is, as many Filipinos would joke - "How, how, the carabao?" Hahaha. I don't know where to get the courage to risk not having a job and not having a stable income. I don't know what is the determining factor that would make me leave the corporate world. Would it be the stress? My boss? Maybe both?

To top it all, Zoe was talking in random to me last night and she was saying something like "I don't want you to go to the office tomorrow. Baby's here and Zoe can't go to office." Oh my. It's been a big dream of mine for years already but it doesn't seem to happen...just yet!

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