Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Preparing for Baby Boy

Learning that we are having a baby boy this time around sort of changed our lives 'drastically'. Before, it was so simple as looking for a good-sounding boy name. But now, there are so many other things to consider!

First off, I started thinking of our preparations for the clothes and toys of our baby boy. Our closet doesn't have anything at all for a baby boy. All the clothes and shoes are in pinks, reds, yellows and all those other girly colors. Oh, I remember, I do have a couple of blue mittens and socks which were given by my mother-in-law when I was still pregnant with Zoe. And just recently, I received a wonderful present from my online friend Pat (thank Pat!) which consisted of a cutie bodysuit and a blue bib.

Secondly, I also started thinking of how the room set-up will be. Currently, Zoe sleeps with us the room. Even at almost 3 years old, she still sleeps in her good ol' dependable crib. Occasionally, she co-sleeps with us in the bed. Now I'm thinking, how are all going to fit in the bed with a toddler and a little baby? And moving forward, when they both grow up already, I guess it's a must that they both have their own separate rooms. In that case, then we'll have no choice but to have a house renovation to create a new room for the little boy. Maybe we also need to convert our little garden at the back into a small cemented basketball court for the boys. I could imagine copying my uncle's lawn in Chicago where they have a part-garden and part-basketball court. Their Chicago Landscaper decided that they have good compromise when it came to their garden landscape. It made way for their green thumb as well as their need to do sports. I vow to do the same for my kids. I think I'll ask my uncle about their landscaper sometime.

Anyway, just thinking about it makes me giddy with excitement! We are having a baby boy!

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