Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Security Issues

We arrived kind of late last Sunday from an out-of-town trip and were all surprised to find several banners hanging in our village gate and in the gates of our neighbors. It more or less states that the village homeowners are concerned about the security in our area. In line with this, it pushes that everyone support the ban for the mass housing project that is supposedly to be built at the back of our village, with our village having the right of way. I think this mass housing project is for the lower class. For the officers of the homeowner's association, this project poses a big threat to our village security because it might open the gates for various types of people, good and bad, subjecting us to possible house intruders and carnappers. I tend to agree, basing it on our personal experience last Holy Week when an unknown man tried to steal our car / car stereo in the middle of the night. Good thing, he failed in doing so.

In any case, this incident had made me think about changing our front garage gate into something like Austin Garage Doors which I found online. For me, garage doors, provide so much better security than our current garage gate. If only we can cut a deal a good garage door contractor so that we can go ahead with this project. With it, we don't even have to bother if the mass housing project pushes through or not because in my mind, I know that my family and our properties will be safe.

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