Monday, May 4, 2009

Study Online

Let me just share a piece of good news which I stumbled upon on the web. I was chatting with my friend in the US and she was telling me of her plans on studying again to be able to start another career. She is planning to study to be Medical Assistant. She is thinking that with all the hospitals and clinics near their place, she can very work there a part of the team of Medical Assistants. Actually, what made her decide to take this path is because she has a sister who enrolled herself at St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants and is now working as a Medical Assistant in the hospital close to their home.

I got interested in this field of study too so I looked it up some more online. I found out that as a Medical Assistant, your job can range from working from the administrative side to working as a laboratory assistant. It's pretty much like assisting all those health workers, i.e. doctors, nurses and other medical specialists in the fulfillment of their jobs. I think Medical Assistants provide a great help, actually. I can say this because I really appreciate the work or service that I receive from them myself, me being pregnant at this moment and often find myself having all these encounters with doctors, undergoing laboratory test and asking for doctor's appointments. It's actually something I find interesting.

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