Monday, May 4, 2009

This Weekend

I'm one excited mom. This weekend, particularly this Saturday, May 9, one of Zoe's cousins is getting married and Zoe is going to be one of the flower girls. Their wedding motif is canary yellow and I can't wait to see Zoe in her gown! Incidentally, my husband will also be one of the principal sponsors. And although I think my husband is too young to be a principal sponsor for a wedding just yet, I guess it's okay since it reflects that they think of my husband as someone they can ask for advice from or someone they can turn to regarding their adventures and misadventures in married life.

This actually will be the first big church wedding among the cousins of Zoe. The bride's older sister, the mother of Robbie, is a single parent. I don't know if she plans on marrying too or if she still plans to meet other men through single parent chatrooms that are now in fashion these days. Anyway, whatever her plans are, I think what's good is that her parents are very support of her even though she's decided to remain to be single mother. I'd like to think that parents are born with such big hearts that although their kids did not end up the way they dream them to be, still, they continue to love them unconditionally.

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